Sunday, 29 September 2013

Swedish-American Cowboys

Last weekend, I was at a sleepover with some of my closest friends. Our parents are really close which kind of led to us becoming really close.

That night, we were laughing like crazy. We watched YouTube videos of Pewdiepie and some random video as well that was hilarious! You should check them out.

When we got tired and settled into bed, I may have taken over the bed with someone which led to the actual owner of it to sleep downstairs. I AM REALLY SORRY! Because we're lazy people, we all just lied down on the beds and did nothing but talk. That led to one of the funniest nights I've ever had with them. It started with my bed buddy and I talking like a married couple with American accents. That slowly developed into Texas/country accents...
Anyway, after that, "Billy Boy" (that's what we named him) in the bed next to us got annoyed but then joined in after a while. That was a bad move. In the end, we made up our own little scenario:

  • Olga (that's me) and Agnes (bed buddy) were a married couple who constantly argued.
  • Billy Boy is our next door neighbour
  • Gertrude (the other one in the room) doesn't talk much. She just listens in on the conversations and you can hear her laugh on several occasions. 
We were so deluded that night. Here are my favourite moments that I can remember over the weekend:

Agnes: Get back in the kitchen!

Billy Boy: Olga, tell me a story.
Olga: I don't have one.
Agnes: *starts to tell scary story*
Olga: Stop scaring the children!
Billy Boy: I ain't no child! I am thirteen years old! I got the teens!
*hysterical laughter*

*Billy Boy attempt to turn light off without getting out of bed*
*Misses light and facepalms wall*
*Everyone dies of laughter*

By the way, our southern country accents were very accurate! We should be voice actors!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Favourite Moments of September 2013

It's nearly the end of September and I'm back in school mode. It took a while but I got there eventually. Autumn is around the corner - my favourite time of the year - but here are my favourite moments of September:
  • Starting Sixth Form!
  • Seeing my boyfriend after a month. We were both really busy.
  • Surviving my first week of Sixth Form.
  • Seeing one of close friends who left the school - I haven't seen him in two months.
  • Finding out that the school cafeteria sold coffee. I have to say, though, that this moment did not last that long. The coffee tasted horrible!
  • Seeing another friend who I've known for nearly 10 years. He goes to a college now so I don't see him that often but I bumped into him on the way to the bus stop from school.
  • Being able to go on nice autumn walks.
  • Sleepover with my friends. I laughed way too much and way too loudly that night.
That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Friday, 27 September 2013

And That's How I ...

So, today in Maths class, I was talking to some people about work and jobs and how I desperately want one. It was a friendly conversation and I really should have paid more attention. They were complaining about how the work in McDonald's was really hard and the pay was bad. They were talking about how they wanted different jobs - everyone else had good experiences and enjoyed work so why shouldn't they? Anyway, I said that I was going to the shopping centre and giving my CV to shops that were hiring. Another one of the guys said he was planning on doing that as well and decided that I should go with him because we would have company and he's not that bad to talk to. I said "OK" when I really didn't want to - I'd rather be by myself - and that's how I ended up almost going to the shopping centre with a guy whose not really known for a good reputation around the school. My friends got worried when I told them about it. I don't blame them - I was too. I did end up going by myself. I don't know where he went...

Also, I planned on going to shops like TK Maxx and h&m since they're two of my favourite shops. I applied at TK Maxx but then I saw that h&m didn't want Sales Assistants; they wanted Visual Merchandisers. I had 3 CVs left with me so I wandered around for a bit. No one told me that a catwalk show was happening there - it wasn't a big one - and I really wanted to stay but I couldn't. I went into places that I liked and that's how I ended up giving my CVs to Waterstone's and TopShop. Hopefully, I'll get hired for the Christmas season.

At school, I dressed unintentionally provocatively. Carys got me new shorts from the charity shop she volunteers at and, as gorgeous as they are, they are really short. I wore thick tights so I just got away with it with the teachers. They just about covered my bum so I wore my coat as much as I could during the day. Whilst I was at the shopping centre, I closed the bottom half of my coat to stop unwanted attention. It didn't work and that's how I ended up getting stares from some guys at the bus stop. I stood with my back against the wall of the building behind it thinking it would help. It did. Then, they got on the same bus as me...

I thought this would be a nice way to approach the post for today. A lot of things happened.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Thursday, 26 September 2013


It's still warm. I'm not complaining but I am confused.

I took the warm weather today as an opportunity to do some walking; I love walking, especially with friends. I don't mind that the distance is not far but any time on my feet is time well spent in comparison to time sitting on a chair doing nothing. Today, I walked to a bus stop that was farther away than the usual one I go to after school. Since I no longer have a pass for the school buses, I have to do this everyday. One of my friends' parents works at the hospital which is near the bus stop we went to today so I escorted him over to his mum before making my own way home. It was only another 5 minutes or so on foot. It was so much fun. To be honest, we weren't being very mature. We were pushing each other, laughing and just being playful like little children. We may be 16 but we sure don't act like it.

When I actually got on a bus, another one of my friends were on it. We were walking with him before that but he decided not to make the extra effort to go to the farther stop. I got off the bus one stop before the one I should actually have gotten off at. I wanted to walk more! It was only an extra 5 minutes of walking but I'm really glad that I did so since I was met with a batch of chocolate cupcakes when I got home.

I love walking however I think walking hates me. I have the weakest legs ever! After a walk, my knees hurt and my legs and ankles ache like crazy. This also happened back when I did netball, football and running for school. I don't do any of that now. It was fun while it lasted but I have to stay on top of my school work as well as doing volunteering and Textiles club.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

11 Reasons To Love Autumn

Autumn is a nice time of year. The weather this week has been pretty bipolar - one day it's gloomy and raining and the next it's sunny and oven hot.

Anyway, autumn is my favourite time of the year! But, just because I have a favourite time of the year doesn't mean that I don't like other seasons. I do, just not as much. Here are my 11 reasons to love autumn:

  1. Onesies can be worn! I love onesies and a bunny onesie and flying squirrel onesie are definitely on my autumn/winter wishlist. Santa, I know Christmas is still months away but it doesn't hurt to ask now.
  2. It's jumper season. I don't actually own a lot of jumpers. That's more of Carys's thing ( but I do find them really comfortable, especially my purple one with the skull in the middle.
  3. I get more hugs and cuddles! With everyone adjusting to the cold, hugs and cuddles are more than welcome with most people and I love hugs. Also, since I'm tiny, I get more heat from the other person because of height differences and body sizes.
  4. Natural colours - natural make-up colours are used more often during the autumn as well as gold and green and I love seeing that instead of bright colours on people's faces. I have a thing for natural beauty.
  5. Hot chocolate. Enough said.
  6. The radiators get turned on. You know what that means? A warm house.
  7. I find that red and gold leaves are more beautiful in comparison to green ones. I think it's the way that the light reflects on the trees. 
  8. Gorgeous sunsets.
  9. I can wear thick tights again! I hate my legs and I try my best to cover them up. During the summer, it is too hot and I just sweat through them. I don't wear tights in the hope that no one notices but some people would. My legs are scarred and just destroyed from scratches, grazes and cuts. I am more than extremely clumsy, okay? That with football, tag rugby, rugby, and playground games like take-down bulldog will result in legs like mine.
  10. It's no secret that I love wearing dark clothing so I love seeing more of those in shops and stalls around the city for me to pick and choose from.
What are your reasons to love autumn?

Monday, 23 September 2013

Blog Updates 23/09/2013

Time to do some more updates!

  1. I changed the way my blog looks. Do you like it? It's still very purple, don't worry. There is now a "Members" button so any of you out there that have Google+ can follow me. I currently have 3 known stalkers but I get around 30 to 40 views a day so I know you're all out there!
  2. I am actually reading another book. I know I should have told you but I forgot... I'm reading Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith. I'll do a book review after I finish reading it.
  3. Did you miss out on last week's posts on my collab blog? YES?! Well, here they are:
  4. I know that I have been pretty erratic with my posts lately. I've been trying to post as much as I can, I swear! So, I thought of this: I will definitely publish posts on Sundays and Wednesdays. That means you will get at least two posts from me a week. I'll have time for school work and studying as well as being able to relax knowing that I have "days off" from posting.
  5. It's autumn! Expect to see more Autumn-like posts on this blog and my collab blog. 
I want to try and accomplish a Q&A on this blog with questions from you. The people that actually read this blog and, hopefully, enjoy it. The amount of questions I get will help me decide if I go through with this so comment on this post, email me via, or tweet me a question on Twitter (@thatpurmonster). I will definitely read them!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Where Has The Time Gone?

It's already nearly the end of September. What?

I have no idea where the time has gone. It feels like only yesterday I was out hiking in the woods with some friends - but that was over a month ago. It feels like only last week I was dancing with my friends at prom - but that was over TWO months ago.

I'm already about to start my fourth week of sixth form... It doesn't feel like it at all. The things that I thought I did recently turns out to be a long time ago. My brain can't process things that happen to me that fast. I like to live in the moment but what's the point if the moments just come and go? I want time to slow down. Now.

I feel like tomorrow I'm going to be old already. I've missed out on my life because time is so fast. Everything that's had an impact in my life are just distant memories. I'm standing there staring out at a world that flies by. It's all just a blur when you think about it.

I had a strange dream last night. I was back in Philippines; I was in our little bungalow. But, it wasn't little anymore and there were stairs going to the second floor. It was like the house I'm in now and the bungalow I was in had merged into one big house. My family was there and so was my boyfriend. Considering he's never been inside my house, it was a bit weird. We had our big garden as well. The little bungalow with the garden that was too big for it. That was our house in Philippines. I miss it so much - I think I'm homesick. It's been ten years since we left and we never went back. Our house isn't even there anymore so I don't see the point.

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I haven't fully processed that I'm in England. It seems like only a few days ago I was 5 and playing with my friends in the little country village. Two years ago, I lost one of them and the year after that I lost the other.

Time flies, we all know that, but sometimes I feel like it flies without me.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Personal Progress

Yes, I should be doing homework. No, I won't do any of it today.

This week, I have been overwhelmed with work. Due dates for homework have gone from a week to until the next lesson - sometimes, that means the next day. This change or "transition" as the teachers like to call it, is actually pretty big. I know it sounds silly but they expect us to do at least 1 hour of homework per subject. That is going to take some getting used to. So far, I've managed pretty well. I currently have Art homework that's due this Monday; English homework - one due Monday, the other on Tuesday; and Statistics homework which I haven't started yet.

Personally, I'm doing alright. Not great but alright. I got a C for my Design summer homework which, believe it or not, I am quite proud of. Everyone else got Bs and all that but I didn't really do my best with that board. If you saw it then you'd know. I don't know what I got for my other pieces of work but I can tell you now that it won't be great.

I have talked to a couple of new people but I still prefer to talk to people I already know. It seems that all of the new guys in the year have formed their own friendships through being strangers to everyone else. I am still pretty socially awkward myself. But, in lessons, I am actually getting more and more confident. I talk more and I contribute to lessons more than I would have before the summer. I think it's because I'm always with my friends now and I can sit where I feel comfortable within lessons. In English, I sit in the back corner of the room surrounded by people I know; I sit right at the front in Statistics classes; in Maths lessons, I sit in the middle row next to one of my close friends; in Design lessons, we have a table to ourselves; and I sit in the middle of the room in Art. At first, I thought sitting at the front of classes would be weird and I always feel like everyone is staring at me but that's not the case. I'm with my friends and I actually feel quite relaxed sitting there. It also saves me from having to put my hand up and waiting since the teacher sits in front of me.

This is going to be a good year.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Sometimes, we forget that people have feelings. More importantly, we forget that people have negative feelings. Depression, neglect, simple sadness. They all exist yet no-one ever notices them until they're pointed out to us.

Have you noticed that people tend to put others down? We can't help it; it's in our systems. Everyone wants to be the best. We will look for flaws within other people or their work in order to build up our self-esteem.

We have to remember that even the smallest criticism can hit someone hard. Especially, when they're having a bad day and feel that nothing is going right for them. I know that I'm someone who does this. Either for a laugh or with seriousness, I have a tendency to accidentally, or purposely, insult someone. If they haven't done anything wrong that is obvious then I will find something. Whether it's with a person's clothing, work, or simply their greeting in the morning, I am someone who's more likely to say "Well that was an enthusiastic hello(!)" instead of saying "Hello, how are you?" and I'm more than sure that I'm not the only one.

It's time to show some appreciation, guys. We live in such a glum world. Everyone is a bit on the pessimistic side. We live on criticism and the constant need to make others pleased with what we do, make, say, and wear. Yet, we barely ever receive it.

I've set myself the goal of showing appreciation to someone at least twice a day. Not a lot, right? Overtime, it will grow, naturally. It doesn't take long to turn something into a habit. When was the last time you gave someone a compliment and how often would you do it?

I'd like to say that I am one of the nicest people on the planet. I'm not. I'm pretty mean and I have a habit of pointing out things that are wrong. I'd love to be nicer but my friends and I have bad habits in being rude to each other. Not seriously though, but it does translate as that with other people.

Be nice, guys!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Thinking About The Future

For the last week, I have been thinking about life and my future. I can't seem to stop. I've also been thinking about whether or not I should drop English and do Italian instead. Both A-Levels have their own benefits and qualities so it was really hard for me to decide. But, I've decided to stay with English Language and Literature.

Last night, I went on the UCAS website and searched through universities that I could possibly go to. I ended up with 7 to choose from that all came with their own benefits:
  1. Portsmouth University - Fashion and Textiles Design BA(Hons)
    1. Considering that I have no current experience in working within fashion and retail companies, I got attracted to this course pretty easily. They offer a year of work experience within a company's design department and give students loads of opportunities to work with different designers. There are also opportunities to participate in competitions - both national and international.
    2. According to "Unistats" about 80% of graduates are in work after six months.
  2. UCA Epsom - Fashion BA(Hons)
    1. This course offers a foundation/preparatory year which, if passed, secures you a place on the Fashion course at the university without further interviews or applications. This course covers the whole of fashion so you can get a job under any branch of fashion - designing, buying, manufacturing etc.
  3. Southampton Solent University - Fashion BA(Hons)
    1. With this course, you get to build links within companies that work alongside you during the course as well as an optional year working within a company (which I will obviously take). You also get trips to the fashion capitals of the world  - Rome, Paris and New York. 
    2. According to "Unistats" about 85% of students end up in work six months after graduation.
  4. Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts - Fashion Design - Kingston University Awarded BA(Hons)
    1. This course, believe it or not, rewards graduates with the same degree as those at Kingston University. That is something that is highly regarded.
    2. However, this means that the entry requirements are unbelievable high. You need high A-Levels and a pass in Art and Design Foundation. at the college before you can start the actual course.
  5. Coventry University - Fashion BA(Hons)
    1. Armed with specialists and actual designers, if I decided to take this course, I would end up with more links with companies and designers compared to the other courses I've 'shortlisted' for myself. Coventry University also offers extra modules to enhance their students' employability and skills as well as chances to work abroad.
  6. Anglia Ruskin University - Fashion BA(Hons)
    1. As well as being industry and career focused, each year of the course has optional extra modules which can enhance employability if I decided to take them. Like most of the other courses, I would be able to get a career outside of design, if I ever decided to change my mind. This is also another course located in Cambridge.
  7. University of Brighton - Fashion with Business Studies BA/Mdes
    1. This course focuses on Fashion within businesses and would help me if I ever decide to start my own business. As well as designing and making products, students get more understanding of how businesses work. You also get a year-long work placement.
    2. Entry requirements are high - you need at least two B grades of A-Levels in Maths, Art and English, which is what I'm currently studying and a Foundation Art and Design diploma.
I know that I still have 2 years to go until I go to university but, when you think about it, it's not a long time. Those 2 years will fly by faster than anyone realises and before you know it, you'll have graduated and going off to work. You have to make decisions now. It is a ton of pressure but it has to be done. 

I know some people don't know what they want to do yet but I'm going to say it now - you don't have a lot of time. You could end up somewhere you don't expect to be or you could be like me: you know what you want to be and you've given yourself a clear path to get there.

Later this year and next year, I'm hoping to enter a design competition again. The prize last year was work experience in London. I didn't enter and let the opportunity slip between my fingers. I'm not letting that happen again. 

I feel like I have something to prove to everyone. I know I'm smart but I really don't want to be a teacher, lawyer or doctor. I want to be a designer. I will make this work and I will prove everyone wrong! I honestly feel like that only a handful of people believe in me.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Friday, 13 September 2013

I Survived My First Week

Today is Friday and officially the end of my first full week of sixth form. It's been tough.... I have to say, I didn't expect to be this tired. I knew I was going to tire myself out with work but I just want to sleep all of the time! I'll probably get used to it as time goes on.

I have two lessons on Monday with a study period of 90 minutes in between. Sound like luxury, right? Well, it's not. Not at all.

The day started off with a double lesson of Art (it's 45 minutes per lesson). We had to draw an observational drawing in pencil of hiking equipment. It was really difficult and I didn't even get to finish my drawing. By the end of the lesson, it looked awful so I had to restart it before the next day. It was a pretty boring lesson. For homework, we had to make a collage on the theme of "Journeys" and then Photoshop them to make them look different.

Following Art was my study period. Since I had 3 days of school the previous week, I started with the homework that I was given on those days which was Maths homework. None of my friends had a study period at the same time but some people I know and occasionally talk to did, so I sat with them in the canteen. I finished my maths work and just chatted with them for a while.

After that was lunch. I met up with my friends, ate (obviously), went to our hang out spot and chatted until the end.

The last thing on my schedule was a double lesson of English. Our teacher is crazy. She's hilarious and was really friendly to everyone. That lesson, we had an introduction on speech - spontaneous and representational and then got homework which was due on Thursday.

After school, I drew a different composition for Art which had to be done before Tuesday.

This day was pretty relaxed. It started with an assembly about NCS (National Citizen Service) which I actually ended up signing up for along with some friends.

The first lesson of the day was Religious Education. I don't particularly like R.E but, seeing as I go to a Catholic school, it's compulsory. I thought we would be learning about ethics, religion and all of that but I have never been more wrong. I am spending every 40 minute lesson of R.E per week watching Shawshank Redemption! One of the best films ever!

After that was Art again where I started shading my drawing. That's all that happened during that lesson.

Next, was another doubly study period - I have those every single day. I finished my English homework and chatted with friends.

I ended the day with English Literature which was a really good lesson. We're reading "Property" by Valerie Martin.

That night, I hurt my feet.

I spent the whole of this day limping around.

The day started with Mass. If that didn't happen, I would have had a double Maths lesson.

Then, I had a single study period since Mass took over one of them. I didn't get a lot done - I printed some homework out that I did the night before and then went to the canteen until break.

When that was over, I had Art again... I nearly finished my drawing by the end of the double lesson. For an A4 picture, it took forever to shade. I had to finish it at home.

The last lesson of the day was Statistics. That was interesting... We got logic puzzles and a proper introduction to the course. We didn't actually do any Statistics work but we did get quite a lot of homework.

My left foot got worse that day and I spent the whole night in pain. I also finished my picture for Art.

I started the day with a double study period which I spent in the library and canteen doing more homework.

Then, I had quadruple Design - four periods of Design class in a row! I have to do this every single week. We did some speed drawing which, to be honest, I am quite good at. My life is devoted to art and designing so sketching is something that comes natural to me.

Lunch followed and I was on my feet and limping for the majority of it. I did take some Neurofen which helped to an extent...

After that was our last lesson for the day - English. We did more work on speech and register and then got homework. I have to write a 400 word essay by Tuesday. Sounds easy, right? It's not when you have four other pieces of homework to worry about.

I started the day with another double study period which I spend in the library. I did Statistics homework, which took up more time than I thought it would and then wrote up a plan for my English essay. Also, it turns out that my boyfriend was behind me for the whole time I was in the library; he was literally about 3 metres away and neither of us realized that the other was there.

My foot felt good enough to walk on so I was fine during break.

After that was Maths. We did work on Geometric and Arithmetic sequences.

Then it was lunch. It rained and both of the canteens were full along with the sixth form's canteen so we went to our usual hang-out spot and stayed inside.

The day ended with a double Design lesson. About halfway through, the fire alarm rang. I'm assuming that someone burnt food in the food technology class (really big kitchen) next door. I managed to finish all of my Design work and now all I have to worry about is Maths, Art and English...

School is a pain in the butt...

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Book Review: Summer Novels

Over the summer, I read a few novels that I really, really liked and I hope that you guys would also pick at least one of them up and give them a read.

 I was also in the process of reading "You Don't Want To Know" by Lisa Jackson but, thanks to the silly people who published the book with 49 missing pages, I can't finish reading it. If anyone has a copy of it out there somewhere who has the same problem, please tell me. Along with brutally hurtful foot pains and a headache, Tuesday was not my day and I just want to have some form of comfort knowing that I'm not the only one who managed to get a book with FORTY NINE PAGES MISSING.

Anyway, on with the review:

  • The Perfect Lie by Emily Barr - 4 out of 5
    • This book, as good as it was, had so many mistakes and grammatical errors that I got frustrated with it.
    • However, it was rescued by the original story line and the structure of the novel. I liked how it didn't make complete sense until the last few chapters so you were encouraged to read on. The novel isn't that explicit and Barr is actually really good at making things like sex and drug use subtle in the story but you still feel that impact inside you when it's mentioned. (Trying really hard not to give everything away here).
  • A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin - 10 out of 5
    • Okay, I'm pretty sure you've read this blog enough times to know I'm completely in love with the first book of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. If you haven't then you should read some of my previous posts.
    • It is a really captivating book and I seriously hope other people appreciate it as well as I do. The book is brilliant! The show? I don't know; I've never seen it.
  • You're Next by Gregg Hurwitz - 3.5 out of 5
    • As much as I loved being part of this thriller novel, I wasn't totally into it. 
    • The story line is beyond original but there's just places in the story where you kind of go "I expected that to happen" or "Great. What now?" It is really predictable...
If anyone has any novels that they want to recommend then don't hesitate to mention it in the comments below this post. Alternatively, you can email me via (only a handful of people do so I can reply pretty quickly to those).

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Blog Updates 10/09/13

Okay, so I've given my blog yet another makeover. I hope this set up makes my blog more interesting and I do prefer it to the one I had before. Back when I started my blog, I had this layout but I couldn't quite figure out how to customize everything which led to the very simple layout I had previously. Now that the page has more on it, I hope more people stick around and read about what I have to say as well as following me on Google+. Alternatively, you can copy and paste my blogspot address - - into your reading list if you use Blogger.

I also have another book to read! When I'm finished with that, I'm planning on doing a summer book review which will have the other books that I've read over the summer as well:

  • The Perfect Lie by Emily Barr
  • A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin
  • You're Next by Gregg Hurwitz
I am currently reading "You Don't Want To Know" by Lisa Jackson and, so far, it's pretty good. It's very mysterious and full of suspense. I love books that are thrillers. I will sacrifice sleep just to finish reading a book when you know stuff's going to happen within the next few pages.

Also, depending on how I cope with homework and things like that over the next few days, I may or may adapt an erratic pattern to my posting since it's unlikely that I'm able to post everyday. This also means that I might not be able to post every week on my collab blog - - but I will try my best! If I am unable to post for any reasons whatsoever, you are more than welcome to email me via (I should have made a separate email for this blog, I know) and ask me to let you write a guest post on my blog. Likewise, I'm sure Alex would appreciate it as well if anyone is willing to write a guest post on our fashion blog.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

(That is how I will end all posts from now on)

Monday, 9 September 2013

Don't Ask Me If I'm Okay

You know when you're obviously and undeniably sad, upset and you feel like destroying the whole world? What is the last thing that you want to hear? That's right - "Are you okay?" - I would rather get slapped around the face than get asked that. Yes, I know people are just being polite and friendly but if you ever see someone crying their face off, it's clear to every single person around them that they are not okay at all. Don't ask them if they are. You might feel like you're being helpful, but you're just going to make it worse.

First of all, when you ask someone if they're okay, you will get a "Yes, I'm fine" in between sobs and whines. People don't want to admit something's wrong even though their appearance says otherwise. A better way to approach someone crying would be to ask them "What's wrong?" or "Do you need a hug?". That way, you're acknowledging the fact that they're in despair and would make them feel slightly better. When I'm sad, I prefer to be silent rather than talk about my problems. I do that once I get past the crying part of the day. Everything I say will make more sense and, considering that I have an awkward Filipino-British accent, I'll be easier to understand.

I hate it when people ask me if I'm okay so don't do it. When I'm upset, I am UPSET! Everything I say and do will be hell in your face so don't make it worse. I'm sure I'm not the only one like this. Even when I see someone on TV asking someone else if they're okay, I want to punch the screen. I know it's part of the script but it still annoys me.

There are some exceptions to this though. When I don't act "normal" and frantically run around the school, people will ask me if I'm okay and I will usually reply with a "YES" whilst rapidly jumping up and down. That's fine. But, when I'm down in the dumps, it's really not. Don't do it. You think the person is upset now? Ask them if they're okay and you might as well stand in a fire.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Back To School Stationary Haul

So, I'm guessing everyone has been at school for a while now and probably have a rough idea of what they should have or not. Earlier today, I went to WHSmith to buy stationary for school since I have absolutely nothing apart from the basics - pens, maths set and a calculator. Here's a piece of advice for you guys - make a list BEFORE the school term starts.

Anyway, this is what I bought:

Of course the first thing I bought was purple...
This is a plain A4 ringbinder folder (obviously). It will be my Maths and Statistics folder.

Pink ringbinder with white polka dots
I have a thing for polka dots now. Last year it was stripes.
I'm weird, I know.
This will be my English folder.

I was really, really happy when I found this. I love Hello Kitty.
This is going to be my Design folder although, I also have an A3 folder
so this might end up being a separate Maths folder. We'll see in a few weeks.

4 Papermate mechanical pencils for Art and Design.
These things are really easy to draw with compared to regular pencils and I
recommend getting these ones specifically. They work by twisting the top of
the pencil instead of pressing the top so you can adjust the tip's length easily.
WHSmith highlighters
If you want to do well in revision, colour code everything!
2 Staedtler fine liners for Design. Compared to the ones from Berol,
these dry a lot quicker so your work won't smudge when you're outlining something.
I was going to buy a pack of 4 but it was cheaper to buy 2. They last a really long
time anyway. 
Luck was definitely with me today. I found a triple pack of page dividers in the store.
Usually, they're sold in packs of 2 or 5. I have one set for each folder! 
100 A4 filing pockets. I absolutely hate putting paper into ringbinders. The holes
in the margins eventually rip and fall out. Filing pockets are also useful
because you can separate your work with them and keep everything neat and tidy.
That's all for now, guys. Stay beautiful x

Friday, 6 September 2013

Work Overload

Okay, so the title may be a bit of an exaggeration but the point still stands. I have lots and lots of work to do. To start with, I wasn't really as prepared as I should have been this week. I had absolutely no folders and paper for myself. Why? I had no idea what to buy for school. We didn't get a shopping list or anything so I wanted to wait until this weekend.

I have quite a few pieces of work for Maths alone and a lot of stuff for Art and Design. For English, I don't actually have a clue on what we were supposed to do so I hope I did the work correctly... We were given a sheet and a task which sounded like it shouldn't take too long to do so I finished it today during one of my study periods; I spent the rest of that time running back and forth from the computers to the printers doing my Art and Design work.

Tomorrow, after volunteering, I'm going to go to the local WHSmith and buy all of the folders and other stuff that I need. I will be organised by Monday! I'll do whatever it takes. Right now, all I have a sheets with no home so they're slowly, but surely, piling up in my room. Major piece of advice for you guys - stay organised. I was told this yesterday by a friend who's also in sixth form and I totally agree. It's only been 3 days and I'm already unsure of what I have done and what I haven't....

I guess this would also be a good time to do a stationary haul tomorrow! Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

That's pretty much all for now. I'll post a stationary haul within this week :-)

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


I feel like an adult now...

Today was my first day of Sixth Form/ Year 12. It's the equivalent of 11th grade in America. I think. It was actually a lot more fun that I thought it would be although the work was a lot more compared to Year 11 but that was expected.

The day started with registration; it took up the whole of the first 2 periods of school since there was so much happening and stuff to get done. I was put into a form with 3 of my closest friends. I can already tell that this will be a good year! Our form tutor is also really nice and friendly.

During break, my friends and I compared timetables and, turns out, I have a lesson with all of them at least once. I also got some time with my boyfriend who, by the way, I haven't seen in a month.

My first lesson of the day was actually a double study period. The best way to start the day. I just chatted with some friends, ate some Tootsie Rolls and relaxed. Considering that this was the first time in a long time that I woke up in the morning, I was really tired. After that, we had break again.

Then, I had Art which was alright. We had to draw an observational line drawing which was pretty difficult. After an hour, I managed to draw a lamp and half of a shoe... I think I did OK. Our teacher also gave us a homework schedule. I have to make a collage this week. After Art was lunch. It was scorching hot outside! I was so lucky that I wore a dress. I felt like I was going to melt at some point!

The last lesson of the day was Maths or, more specifically, Statistics. We actually didn't get anything done. We got new books and were meant to go on the laptops to do some work but they took forever to load that when they actually did open, we had to shut them down again.

I am really tired now. I have Art and Statistics homework already and I've dedicated one of my free periods to just Maths so I can get work done.

All of my free periods are in the morning. As much I love that, it means that I have to be in school for the whole day! I wanted to be able to go home after lunch...

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Post-Summer Self Evaluation

Remember when I set my self some goals for the summer? Well, I think it's time for some self evaluation. If you haven't read my "Summer Plans" post then click here.

I honestly can't say that I achieved any of those goals. My sewing machine broke last week and myself and both of my parents tried desperately to fix it. We thought it was just the needle that broke but it turns out that the whole machine is broken... I'm planning on getting one from eBay but I'd seriously appreciate it if anyone had one to sell to me. I don't mind if it's second hand, as long as it's heavy duty. The one I have now is terrible.

With my goal to get fit, I can say that I did make progress. It's not a lot but progress is progress. I'm still waiting on any reply for a job so that I can buy proper cycling clothes and a helmet.

I also haven't touched the Xbox once. I didn't even try with trying to finish the whole Gundam: Dynasty Warriors CD.

I woke up in the afternoon today, as usual, and I have school tomorrow. Can you tell that I'm excited? No? Really?

Monday, 2 September 2013

A Tiring Weekend

So, this weekend, I've been out and about with my family and friends. I love being outdoors - my readers would know that - but I seriously hate it when I get home and my legs are sore from all of the walking and my skin is just that little bit darker when I'm already well tanned. I just got home from another barbecue (yes, another one. My friends and I love having them) and my legs are aching.

We went to Warwick Castle! I went with my family and it was really fun. There were performances and demonstrations of the weapons they had in the middle ages. My favourite was the trebuchet. A tall wooden structure that swung big rocks at castles. For the castle's demonstration of it, they threw a fire ball. It went up pretty high and then landed in a field. It was awesome!

An actual trebuchet! 

We also walked around within the actual castle as well as along the towers. It was worryingly tall and I did, honestly, feel a bit queasy at the top. My legs also ached from all of the steps going up and down. I was pretty convinced that I pulled a muscle and I got scared as I was only half way around the castle walls and you weren't allowed to turn back.

The view from the castle wall
Guy's Tower - tallest tower of the castle

The view from Guy's Tower

Overall, it was an adventurous day. I am someone who loves things like castles, weapons and Victorian clothing so it was the perfect place to be.

Our family went to one of our family friends' houses. It was a lazy day in some way - we didn't go to the park like we usually would. Instead, we stayed inside and ate food for the whole of the day.

We didn't get back home again until a good hour, at least, past midnight so I was extremely sleepy and dozed off around 2am...

The sun was up, it was scorching hot and I was at a barbecue at a friend's house. They have a trampoline that could fit 3 people; there should only be one person at a time but that's not fun and it was fine with them anyway. On the trampoline we played "Take Down Duck, Duck, Goose" where I suffered a lot of minor injuries. My thighs still hurt and my arms are aching since people kept landing on top of me whilst we were playing. I also got stepped on more than a few times... We are mature!

We ate around 1.30pm, I think. The food was heavenly. Seriously, the pasta was really nice and it was pretty clear from the looks on everyone and the amount of food left after that everyone loved the food.

After that, we went to a field and played with a Frisbee. It was more dangerous than it should have been and we did end up breaking the Frisbee which, last time I checked, is an almost impossible thing to do. We went back to their house for a little bit to cool down and get some drinks then made our way to another field to play football which we didn't actually do. When we got there, we took shelter in the shade at sat under the trees. It was really relaxing and we just chatted away until we had to go home.

I'm still in pain from trampoline injuries but other than that, I had a lot of fun!

So, that was my weekend. Tomorrow, I'm going to be babysitting (I think) and rest. I've completed all of the homework (YAY!) so all I have to do is to sort out my stuff for school and get ready for my first day of sixth form on Wednesday.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Favourite Moments of August 2013

It's nearly the end of the Summer Holiday so here are my favourite moments of August:
  • Being able to spend time with my boyfriend's family
  • Going to the MK Barrio Fiesta
  • The pyjama street party
  • Seeing a squirrel jump onto the trunk of a tree from about 1.5 metres away whilst I was cycling. That was a rare sight to see.
  • Seeing these two little boys trying to catch butterflies with massive nets.
  • Fishing at Bibury Trout Farm.
  • Going away to Bristol and Devon.
  • Passing my GCSEs!
  • Going to Warwick castle and being on the tallest tower.
I am going back to school on Wednesday and that will start my favourite moments of September. Just to give you a heads up - they will most probably be school related.