Wednesday, 25 September 2013

11 Reasons To Love Autumn

Autumn is a nice time of year. The weather this week has been pretty bipolar - one day it's gloomy and raining and the next it's sunny and oven hot.

Anyway, autumn is my favourite time of the year! But, just because I have a favourite time of the year doesn't mean that I don't like other seasons. I do, just not as much. Here are my 11 reasons to love autumn:

  1. Onesies can be worn! I love onesies and a bunny onesie and flying squirrel onesie are definitely on my autumn/winter wishlist. Santa, I know Christmas is still months away but it doesn't hurt to ask now.
  2. It's jumper season. I don't actually own a lot of jumpers. That's more of Carys's thing ( but I do find them really comfortable, especially my purple one with the skull in the middle.
  3. I get more hugs and cuddles! With everyone adjusting to the cold, hugs and cuddles are more than welcome with most people and I love hugs. Also, since I'm tiny, I get more heat from the other person because of height differences and body sizes.
  4. Natural colours - natural make-up colours are used more often during the autumn as well as gold and green and I love seeing that instead of bright colours on people's faces. I have a thing for natural beauty.
  5. Hot chocolate. Enough said.
  6. The radiators get turned on. You know what that means? A warm house.
  7. I find that red and gold leaves are more beautiful in comparison to green ones. I think it's the way that the light reflects on the trees. 
  8. Gorgeous sunsets.
  9. I can wear thick tights again! I hate my legs and I try my best to cover them up. During the summer, it is too hot and I just sweat through them. I don't wear tights in the hope that no one notices but some people would. My legs are scarred and just destroyed from scratches, grazes and cuts. I am more than extremely clumsy, okay? That with football, tag rugby, rugby, and playground games like take-down bulldog will result in legs like mine.
  10. It's no secret that I love wearing dark clothing so I love seeing more of those in shops and stalls around the city for me to pick and choose from.
What are your reasons to love autumn?


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