Monday, 2 September 2013

A Tiring Weekend

So, this weekend, I've been out and about with my family and friends. I love being outdoors - my readers would know that - but I seriously hate it when I get home and my legs are sore from all of the walking and my skin is just that little bit darker when I'm already well tanned. I just got home from another barbecue (yes, another one. My friends and I love having them) and my legs are aching.

We went to Warwick Castle! I went with my family and it was really fun. There were performances and demonstrations of the weapons they had in the middle ages. My favourite was the trebuchet. A tall wooden structure that swung big rocks at castles. For the castle's demonstration of it, they threw a fire ball. It went up pretty high and then landed in a field. It was awesome!

An actual trebuchet! 

We also walked around within the actual castle as well as along the towers. It was worryingly tall and I did, honestly, feel a bit queasy at the top. My legs also ached from all of the steps going up and down. I was pretty convinced that I pulled a muscle and I got scared as I was only half way around the castle walls and you weren't allowed to turn back.

The view from the castle wall
Guy's Tower - tallest tower of the castle

The view from Guy's Tower

Overall, it was an adventurous day. I am someone who loves things like castles, weapons and Victorian clothing so it was the perfect place to be.

Our family went to one of our family friends' houses. It was a lazy day in some way - we didn't go to the park like we usually would. Instead, we stayed inside and ate food for the whole of the day.

We didn't get back home again until a good hour, at least, past midnight so I was extremely sleepy and dozed off around 2am...

The sun was up, it was scorching hot and I was at a barbecue at a friend's house. They have a trampoline that could fit 3 people; there should only be one person at a time but that's not fun and it was fine with them anyway. On the trampoline we played "Take Down Duck, Duck, Goose" where I suffered a lot of minor injuries. My thighs still hurt and my arms are aching since people kept landing on top of me whilst we were playing. I also got stepped on more than a few times... We are mature!

We ate around 1.30pm, I think. The food was heavenly. Seriously, the pasta was really nice and it was pretty clear from the looks on everyone and the amount of food left after that everyone loved the food.

After that, we went to a field and played with a Frisbee. It was more dangerous than it should have been and we did end up breaking the Frisbee which, last time I checked, is an almost impossible thing to do. We went back to their house for a little bit to cool down and get some drinks then made our way to another field to play football which we didn't actually do. When we got there, we took shelter in the shade at sat under the trees. It was really relaxing and we just chatted away until we had to go home.

I'm still in pain from trampoline injuries but other than that, I had a lot of fun!

So, that was my weekend. Tomorrow, I'm going to be babysitting (I think) and rest. I've completed all of the homework (YAY!) so all I have to do is to sort out my stuff for school and get ready for my first day of sixth form on Wednesday.

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