Friday, 27 September 2013

And That's How I ...

So, today in Maths class, I was talking to some people about work and jobs and how I desperately want one. It was a friendly conversation and I really should have paid more attention. They were complaining about how the work in McDonald's was really hard and the pay was bad. They were talking about how they wanted different jobs - everyone else had good experiences and enjoyed work so why shouldn't they? Anyway, I said that I was going to the shopping centre and giving my CV to shops that were hiring. Another one of the guys said he was planning on doing that as well and decided that I should go with him because we would have company and he's not that bad to talk to. I said "OK" when I really didn't want to - I'd rather be by myself - and that's how I ended up almost going to the shopping centre with a guy whose not really known for a good reputation around the school. My friends got worried when I told them about it. I don't blame them - I was too. I did end up going by myself. I don't know where he went...

Also, I planned on going to shops like TK Maxx and h&m since they're two of my favourite shops. I applied at TK Maxx but then I saw that h&m didn't want Sales Assistants; they wanted Visual Merchandisers. I had 3 CVs left with me so I wandered around for a bit. No one told me that a catwalk show was happening there - it wasn't a big one - and I really wanted to stay but I couldn't. I went into places that I liked and that's how I ended up giving my CVs to Waterstone's and TopShop. Hopefully, I'll get hired for the Christmas season.

At school, I dressed unintentionally provocatively. Carys got me new shorts from the charity shop she volunteers at and, as gorgeous as they are, they are really short. I wore thick tights so I just got away with it with the teachers. They just about covered my bum so I wore my coat as much as I could during the day. Whilst I was at the shopping centre, I closed the bottom half of my coat to stop unwanted attention. It didn't work and that's how I ended up getting stares from some guys at the bus stop. I stood with my back against the wall of the building behind it thinking it would help. It did. Then, they got on the same bus as me...

I thought this would be a nice way to approach the post for today. A lot of things happened.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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