Friday, 13 September 2013

I Survived My First Week

Today is Friday and officially the end of my first full week of sixth form. It's been tough.... I have to say, I didn't expect to be this tired. I knew I was going to tire myself out with work but I just want to sleep all of the time! I'll probably get used to it as time goes on.

I have two lessons on Monday with a study period of 90 minutes in between. Sound like luxury, right? Well, it's not. Not at all.

The day started off with a double lesson of Art (it's 45 minutes per lesson). We had to draw an observational drawing in pencil of hiking equipment. It was really difficult and I didn't even get to finish my drawing. By the end of the lesson, it looked awful so I had to restart it before the next day. It was a pretty boring lesson. For homework, we had to make a collage on the theme of "Journeys" and then Photoshop them to make them look different.

Following Art was my study period. Since I had 3 days of school the previous week, I started with the homework that I was given on those days which was Maths homework. None of my friends had a study period at the same time but some people I know and occasionally talk to did, so I sat with them in the canteen. I finished my maths work and just chatted with them for a while.

After that was lunch. I met up with my friends, ate (obviously), went to our hang out spot and chatted until the end.

The last thing on my schedule was a double lesson of English. Our teacher is crazy. She's hilarious and was really friendly to everyone. That lesson, we had an introduction on speech - spontaneous and representational and then got homework which was due on Thursday.

After school, I drew a different composition for Art which had to be done before Tuesday.

This day was pretty relaxed. It started with an assembly about NCS (National Citizen Service) which I actually ended up signing up for along with some friends.

The first lesson of the day was Religious Education. I don't particularly like R.E but, seeing as I go to a Catholic school, it's compulsory. I thought we would be learning about ethics, religion and all of that but I have never been more wrong. I am spending every 40 minute lesson of R.E per week watching Shawshank Redemption! One of the best films ever!

After that was Art again where I started shading my drawing. That's all that happened during that lesson.

Next, was another doubly study period - I have those every single day. I finished my English homework and chatted with friends.

I ended the day with English Literature which was a really good lesson. We're reading "Property" by Valerie Martin.

That night, I hurt my feet.

I spent the whole of this day limping around.

The day started with Mass. If that didn't happen, I would have had a double Maths lesson.

Then, I had a single study period since Mass took over one of them. I didn't get a lot done - I printed some homework out that I did the night before and then went to the canteen until break.

When that was over, I had Art again... I nearly finished my drawing by the end of the double lesson. For an A4 picture, it took forever to shade. I had to finish it at home.

The last lesson of the day was Statistics. That was interesting... We got logic puzzles and a proper introduction to the course. We didn't actually do any Statistics work but we did get quite a lot of homework.

My left foot got worse that day and I spent the whole night in pain. I also finished my picture for Art.

I started the day with a double study period which I spent in the library and canteen doing more homework.

Then, I had quadruple Design - four periods of Design class in a row! I have to do this every single week. We did some speed drawing which, to be honest, I am quite good at. My life is devoted to art and designing so sketching is something that comes natural to me.

Lunch followed and I was on my feet and limping for the majority of it. I did take some Neurofen which helped to an extent...

After that was our last lesson for the day - English. We did more work on speech and register and then got homework. I have to write a 400 word essay by Tuesday. Sounds easy, right? It's not when you have four other pieces of homework to worry about.

I started the day with another double study period which I spend in the library. I did Statistics homework, which took up more time than I thought it would and then wrote up a plan for my English essay. Also, it turns out that my boyfriend was behind me for the whole time I was in the library; he was literally about 3 metres away and neither of us realized that the other was there.

My foot felt good enough to walk on so I was fine during break.

After that was Maths. We did work on Geometric and Arithmetic sequences.

Then it was lunch. It rained and both of the canteens were full along with the sixth form's canteen so we went to our usual hang-out spot and stayed inside.

The day ended with a double Design lesson. About halfway through, the fire alarm rang. I'm assuming that someone burnt food in the food technology class (really big kitchen) next door. I managed to finish all of my Design work and now all I have to worry about is Maths, Art and English...

School is a pain in the butt...

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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