Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Post-Summer Self Evaluation

Remember when I set my self some goals for the summer? Well, I think it's time for some self evaluation. If you haven't read my "Summer Plans" post then click here.

I honestly can't say that I achieved any of those goals. My sewing machine broke last week and myself and both of my parents tried desperately to fix it. We thought it was just the needle that broke but it turns out that the whole machine is broken... I'm planning on getting one from eBay but I'd seriously appreciate it if anyone had one to sell to me. I don't mind if it's second hand, as long as it's heavy duty. The one I have now is terrible.

With my goal to get fit, I can say that I did make progress. It's not a lot but progress is progress. I'm still waiting on any reply for a job so that I can buy proper cycling clothes and a helmet.

I also haven't touched the Xbox once. I didn't even try with trying to finish the whole Gundam: Dynasty Warriors CD.

I woke up in the afternoon today, as usual, and I have school tomorrow. Can you tell that I'm excited? No? Really?

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