Sunday, 29 September 2013

Swedish-American Cowboys

Last weekend, I was at a sleepover with some of my closest friends. Our parents are really close which kind of led to us becoming really close.

That night, we were laughing like crazy. We watched YouTube videos of Pewdiepie and some random video as well that was hilarious! You should check them out.

When we got tired and settled into bed, I may have taken over the bed with someone which led to the actual owner of it to sleep downstairs. I AM REALLY SORRY! Because we're lazy people, we all just lied down on the beds and did nothing but talk. That led to one of the funniest nights I've ever had with them. It started with my bed buddy and I talking like a married couple with American accents. That slowly developed into Texas/country accents...
Anyway, after that, "Billy Boy" (that's what we named him) in the bed next to us got annoyed but then joined in after a while. That was a bad move. In the end, we made up our own little scenario:

  • Olga (that's me) and Agnes (bed buddy) were a married couple who constantly argued.
  • Billy Boy is our next door neighbour
  • Gertrude (the other one in the room) doesn't talk much. She just listens in on the conversations and you can hear her laugh on several occasions. 
We were so deluded that night. Here are my favourite moments that I can remember over the weekend:

Agnes: Get back in the kitchen!

Billy Boy: Olga, tell me a story.
Olga: I don't have one.
Agnes: *starts to tell scary story*
Olga: Stop scaring the children!
Billy Boy: I ain't no child! I am thirteen years old! I got the teens!
*hysterical laughter*

*Billy Boy attempt to turn light off without getting out of bed*
*Misses light and facepalms wall*
*Everyone dies of laughter*

By the way, our southern country accents were very accurate! We should be voice actors!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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