Sunday, 15 September 2013

Thinking About The Future

For the last week, I have been thinking about life and my future. I can't seem to stop. I've also been thinking about whether or not I should drop English and do Italian instead. Both A-Levels have their own benefits and qualities so it was really hard for me to decide. But, I've decided to stay with English Language and Literature.

Last night, I went on the UCAS website and searched through universities that I could possibly go to. I ended up with 7 to choose from that all came with their own benefits:
  1. Portsmouth University - Fashion and Textiles Design BA(Hons)
    1. Considering that I have no current experience in working within fashion and retail companies, I got attracted to this course pretty easily. They offer a year of work experience within a company's design department and give students loads of opportunities to work with different designers. There are also opportunities to participate in competitions - both national and international.
    2. According to "Unistats" about 80% of graduates are in work after six months.
  2. UCA Epsom - Fashion BA(Hons)
    1. This course offers a foundation/preparatory year which, if passed, secures you a place on the Fashion course at the university without further interviews or applications. This course covers the whole of fashion so you can get a job under any branch of fashion - designing, buying, manufacturing etc.
  3. Southampton Solent University - Fashion BA(Hons)
    1. With this course, you get to build links within companies that work alongside you during the course as well as an optional year working within a company (which I will obviously take). You also get trips to the fashion capitals of the world  - Rome, Paris and New York. 
    2. According to "Unistats" about 85% of students end up in work six months after graduation.
  4. Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts - Fashion Design - Kingston University Awarded BA(Hons)
    1. This course, believe it or not, rewards graduates with the same degree as those at Kingston University. That is something that is highly regarded.
    2. However, this means that the entry requirements are unbelievable high. You need high A-Levels and a pass in Art and Design Foundation. at the college before you can start the actual course.
  5. Coventry University - Fashion BA(Hons)
    1. Armed with specialists and actual designers, if I decided to take this course, I would end up with more links with companies and designers compared to the other courses I've 'shortlisted' for myself. Coventry University also offers extra modules to enhance their students' employability and skills as well as chances to work abroad.
  6. Anglia Ruskin University - Fashion BA(Hons)
    1. As well as being industry and career focused, each year of the course has optional extra modules which can enhance employability if I decided to take them. Like most of the other courses, I would be able to get a career outside of design, if I ever decided to change my mind. This is also another course located in Cambridge.
  7. University of Brighton - Fashion with Business Studies BA/Mdes
    1. This course focuses on Fashion within businesses and would help me if I ever decide to start my own business. As well as designing and making products, students get more understanding of how businesses work. You also get a year-long work placement.
    2. Entry requirements are high - you need at least two B grades of A-Levels in Maths, Art and English, which is what I'm currently studying and a Foundation Art and Design diploma.
I know that I still have 2 years to go until I go to university but, when you think about it, it's not a long time. Those 2 years will fly by faster than anyone realises and before you know it, you'll have graduated and going off to work. You have to make decisions now. It is a ton of pressure but it has to be done. 

I know some people don't know what they want to do yet but I'm going to say it now - you don't have a lot of time. You could end up somewhere you don't expect to be or you could be like me: you know what you want to be and you've given yourself a clear path to get there.

Later this year and next year, I'm hoping to enter a design competition again. The prize last year was work experience in London. I didn't enter and let the opportunity slip between my fingers. I'm not letting that happen again. 

I feel like I have something to prove to everyone. I know I'm smart but I really don't want to be a teacher, lawyer or doctor. I want to be a designer. I will make this work and I will prove everyone wrong! I honestly feel like that only a handful of people believe in me.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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