Thursday, 26 September 2013


It's still warm. I'm not complaining but I am confused.

I took the warm weather today as an opportunity to do some walking; I love walking, especially with friends. I don't mind that the distance is not far but any time on my feet is time well spent in comparison to time sitting on a chair doing nothing. Today, I walked to a bus stop that was farther away than the usual one I go to after school. Since I no longer have a pass for the school buses, I have to do this everyday. One of my friends' parents works at the hospital which is near the bus stop we went to today so I escorted him over to his mum before making my own way home. It was only another 5 minutes or so on foot. It was so much fun. To be honest, we weren't being very mature. We were pushing each other, laughing and just being playful like little children. We may be 16 but we sure don't act like it.

When I actually got on a bus, another one of my friends were on it. We were walking with him before that but he decided not to make the extra effort to go to the farther stop. I got off the bus one stop before the one I should actually have gotten off at. I wanted to walk more! It was only an extra 5 minutes of walking but I'm really glad that I did so since I was met with a batch of chocolate cupcakes when I got home.

I love walking however I think walking hates me. I have the weakest legs ever! After a walk, my knees hurt and my legs and ankles ache like crazy. This also happened back when I did netball, football and running for school. I don't do any of that now. It was fun while it lasted but I have to stay on top of my school work as well as doing volunteering and Textiles club.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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