Sunday, 22 September 2013

Where Has The Time Gone?

It's already nearly the end of September. What?

I have no idea where the time has gone. It feels like only yesterday I was out hiking in the woods with some friends - but that was over a month ago. It feels like only last week I was dancing with my friends at prom - but that was over TWO months ago.

I'm already about to start my fourth week of sixth form... It doesn't feel like it at all. The things that I thought I did recently turns out to be a long time ago. My brain can't process things that happen to me that fast. I like to live in the moment but what's the point if the moments just come and go? I want time to slow down. Now.

I feel like tomorrow I'm going to be old already. I've missed out on my life because time is so fast. Everything that's had an impact in my life are just distant memories. I'm standing there staring out at a world that flies by. It's all just a blur when you think about it.

I had a strange dream last night. I was back in Philippines; I was in our little bungalow. But, it wasn't little anymore and there were stairs going to the second floor. It was like the house I'm in now and the bungalow I was in had merged into one big house. My family was there and so was my boyfriend. Considering he's never been inside my house, it was a bit weird. We had our big garden as well. The little bungalow with the garden that was too big for it. That was our house in Philippines. I miss it so much - I think I'm homesick. It's been ten years since we left and we never went back. Our house isn't even there anymore so I don't see the point.

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I haven't fully processed that I'm in England. It seems like only a few days ago I was 5 and playing with my friends in the little country village. Two years ago, I lost one of them and the year after that I lost the other.

Time flies, we all know that, but sometimes I feel like it flies without me.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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