Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Two Days In The Life Of The Monster

I find YouTube videos of these all of the time so I thought I would do one in blog form:

Yesterday, the stuff my mum ordered from isme finally arrived. The orders got slightly mixed up and we got the rest of it today. I got another day dress, a purple 60s dress which I returned (it looked wierd) and a new pair of ankle boots. I absolutely love my ankle boots! Those with my new dress makes the perfect outfit for this year's Clothes Show in December. I can't do my boots justice with my camera so if you want to see them, click here. I got them in black.

Today, I wore the boots to school. After the first 30 painful minutes of wearing them, they got pretty comfortable and it felt like they weren't even on my feet. From then on, it was smooth sailing (or smooth walking). They are weirdly amazing. I matched them with my red skirt and a white printed top. I was taller than my boyfriend. Also, he was quite moody this morning... I don't know why but he seemed to snap out of it after lunch.

In maths, I managed to make friends with one of the guys there. We talk more than we usually would now ("usually" being simple 'hellos' and 'you okay?').

During my study period after maths, I was in the library. I should have been doing homework but I got really sidetracked by Tickld. If you don't know what that site is then you're missing out on a lot! One of my friends was sitting next to me and we just laughed for about 20 minutes because of that website. We tried to be quiet but I think we nearly got caught at least twice by the librarians. I did my Design work during that time and nothing else.

Then I had Art. I spent that lesson doing the things I should have done in the library. I'm not a perfect student but I'm going to spend tomorrow after school there to do some more work. I stuck down 3 pictures onto my art book and drew out an outline for a watercolour painting. I might compile all of my art work into one post some day...

During lunch, it was the usual routine - eat, talk, laugh, go to the English building where we hang out, laugh some more.

Then I had Statistics with one of the funniest teachers ever. She's so sarcastic but really friendly. She's more like a friend than a teacher. That lesson goes by really fast every single week.

After school, I was meant to go to Textiles club but it wasn't happening since the teacher that runs it was ill *sad face* so I caught up with my boyfriend and we walked together like every other day. When I got home, I decided to go for a bike ride. As soon as I got to the furthest point of my route, it rained and the wind nearly blew me off of my bike... Instead of going straight home, I decided to finish my route, stopping by my boyfriend's house on the way; he told me on the bus ride home that he'd be outside waiting with a cup of tea. He lied. I was about to take a picture of his house's door to send to him over Facebook when he answered. We talked for about 2 minutes, kissed each other goodbye, and then I continued with my cycling. I did about 3.5 miles in 30 minutes. In the rain. And the wind. And on my dad's bike. My bike was right at the back of the shed and I couldn't be bothered to get it.

Anyway, when I returned home, I got a brioche, cut it in half, toasted it, then put peanut butter on one side and chocolate spread on the other. I got all the calories I lost in about 2 minutes. I did part of my English homework and bought a 60s rocker dress for a party I'm going to.

Later, I'm going to watch more Breaking Bad. I should have never been introduced to this show. I am so addicted and I get even less sleep than I normally do.

...Wow. This post is really long. I'm sorry. Stay beautiful x

If anyone wants to do something like this, you're more than welcome to tag or email me so I can read it (or watch it if you're on YouTube).

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