Tuesday, 15 October 2013

What is NCS?

So after a really long time of waiting (3 days - shut up) I have finally received my email from the National Citizen Service (NCS) saying that I can go to an induction day!

If you don't know what NCS is then click here.
If you're too lazy to do that then here's some basic information about it:

  • It's a programme open to all 16 and 17 year olds in the UK.
  • Programmes run during the autumn and spring half term and the summer holidays.
  • It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • Saying that you've done NCS makes you look better as an individual in the eyes of universities and employers.
  • It's not free.
I applied for the programme this half term a few weeks ago after some representatives came for a talk at school. It sounded really interesting and I kept seeing it on Facebook so I'm glad I actually know what it is. I'm not completely sure but I think it takes up the majority of the half term but there are times for us to do homework and stuff like that as well. Those representatives came back to talk to us last Friday and said that emails will go out to the people who have applied and have been accepted (and I got one).

NCS is a great way to help the community and meet new people. I'm going to be doing the programme with some friends from school; I can't handle being around people I don't know when I'm alone. Some of my closer friends, the ones I actually planned on doing this with, decided that they'd rather do NCS during the summer. I'm fine with this. I get the chance to add NCS onto my CVs before they do and, considering that I haven't been called back for an interview yet, hopefully this will make employers want to talk to me.

Anyway, the induction day is this Saturday and I'll get the chance to meet some other people that are going to be doing this as well which should be fun. Within the following week, there should be a parents evening or something so that our parents know what's happening and then I'm off! I don't know if I can blog during that time but I'll make sure I do share my experience with you guys because I love you all that much!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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