Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A Day In The Life of The Monster: Hail and Biscuits Dipped in Nutella

So, here's how my day went:

I woke up today at 7.45am. The bus arrives at 7.45am. I was in school five minutes before the bell rang, which was lucky.

During registration, I got asked to help out during our school's open evening for sixth form - I'm going to be helping with the Volunteering and Enrichment stall. I'd much rather be in the Art stall but that already has 2 people.

Maths was okay. We were learning vocabulary for plotting and sketching graphs which was actually really easy. We also had whiteboard so my friend and I spent the lesson writing messages to each other and drawing on each other with the pen.

Then, it was break. It rained and I had stuff to do which meant having to go from building to building. I appreciate that our school is massive and can't be just one big building but today was just ridiculous. I got soaked! When break did end, I was so glad to finally be inside and in the warmth. Guess what happened? The fire bell rang... It was raining, cold and dark. I wanted to be inside!

Did anyone else get caught in the hail? I did. I had to go from the library to the building where I have Art lessons. I ran. I got pelted with hail and my face hurt by the time I got there. My head was dry, though, because I had a hood on my coat. Some people weren't so lucky. I did have to hold it on my head though - there were moments when my face was fully exposed to the white bullets of the sky. Thank you, British weather, for reminding everyone why we hate you...

I didn't leave the building until lunch. The rain/hail/sleet/wind did die down but the warmth of the inside was pretty inviting and I honestly didn't mind. My friends were on the other side of the school and there was no way I was making that trek during break and then walk all the way back after.

After lunch, I had Stats class which was pretty relaxing. I forgot my Stats book which had everything I needed for the lesson so I had to rewrite everything again to make sure I didn't fall behind.

I stayed behind after school to do more Art work. My book wasn't there... My teacher took it to put into our school art show. A compliment, I must say, but I wish she told me first. So, I went to my Design class and stayed there until 5pm doing my homework. Outside, it was pitch black and terrifying. I had a five minute walk ahead of me which I did not look forward to. A person in my year group walked with me for part of the way but, after that, I was completely alone.

I got home around 6pm which was roughly 20 minutes ago. Right now, I'm eating biscuits dipped in Nutella. I can barely feel my fingers as I'm typing this but I'm fighting my way through it. I don't really feel like doing any more work but I don't have anything due tomorrow so it's fine.

Being a sixth former is exhausting!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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