Saturday, 30 November 2013

A Walking Chocolate Bar

I have had way too much chocolate this week... Chocolate and my body do not get along and the fact that I have drowned myself in it means I have to suffer the consequences - rashes, spots, feeling sick and going red at random times. I still have a box of Celebrations to finish as well! There was a point during the day yesterday when I smelt so much like chocolate, one of my friends could pick up my scent from a distance: caramel and milk chocolate.

Anyway, yesterday, I also had some friends round for a little party after school. We had loads of food to ourselves and, of course, devoured it all like animals. We got hyper from all of the cakes and sweets and started to act like 5 year-olds for the next few hours. We climbed over each other, twisted into each other and sat on each other; we thought it would be hilarious. No one got hurt that bad but, at one point, I did have to do a backwards roll off of the sofa in order to get up. For a bunch of 16/17 year olds, you'd probably expect better from us - or the complete opposite, I don't know.

We also watched Jackass 2 and 3 last night as well (after we calmed down) and I was close to throwing up but I didn't. I can't say the same for my mum.

After everyone left, I had a sleepover with the one person that stayed behind. This one right here: 

Little Welsh Girl Blogs

It was fun and we stayed up watching Misfits on Netflix until our eyes gave up on us at around 3am...

As much as I love chocolate, I think I might go for a little while without it. I still have coffee to finish from my boyfriend and some knitting to do. I also have a job now! What? I'll tell you about that tomorrow, maybe.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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