Monday, 11 November 2013

Acceptance: Typhoon

A typhoon hit the Philippines a few days ago. When I heard the news, I didn't exactly feel shocked. Things like this, although not usually as extreme, always happens to the country and I've seen or heard about events like this too many times; I've numbed myself from feeling anything when things like this happens.

This post isn't exactly an Acceptance post for you. It's one for me. I need to accept that I am more than fortunate that I've left the country and I haven't been back since. I really hope that I can someday but there is that fear that the one day I go back, I end up as part of a disaster like this. I know it sounds selfish but we all want to protect ourselves.

Everyone dies. That won't change and it's something that everyone needs to acknowledge. The people in Tacloban City are suffering and about 10,000 are dead. People are stealing, fighting and scavenging to survive since help isn't getting there fast enough. Everyone's doing there part and millions have been donated to charities to help them. The only question is: will the money actually get there? There's enough money to rebuild the city. To feed everyone too. The country itself has two classes: The very rich and the very poor. There are slums next to developed cities and towns. The Philippines was once a place where everyone loved everyone. Now, everyone fends for themselves. It's not a safe country.

People that I used to go to school with are no longer with us. People I used to live with are no longer with us. I'm not from Tacloban City and I know how it feels to lose someone you once knew. But, losing 10,000? No way.

You all know I'm doing NCS. Our project is to do an East-Asian Culture fair. At first, this was just an idea that sprouted from the fact that most of the people in our group are East-Asian. Now, we have a real reason to do this. We're also raising money for the Red Cross. I'd really appreciate it if you donated some money too.

I'm not religious but I really hope that someone out there is watching those people and is keeping them safe.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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