Monday, 4 November 2013

NCS: Day Four

The last day!

I actually managed to wake up this time. We had to tidy our cabin before our first activity which was a lot of hard work. Compared to everyone else's rooms, ours was like a pig's sty; we had towels hanging off the bunks, bras everywhere, clothes piled up on the floor and shoes around the front door of the cabin. It took a while but we managed to do it. It only took us about half an hour...

Because it was Halloween, there were a few members of the PGL staff that dressed up and they're make-up was beyond amazing. The ones dressed as zombies spent the morning terrifying people and running around. They also stayed true to their costumes by purposely walking into the doors and fences whilst people passed on the other side.

Anyway, after that, we got to go on the giant swings. It was weird! During the first swing your body freezes and it's like you died for a second. After that, it's actually pretty relaxing.

This is only about half way up
The time you spend getting pulled to the top of the swing is scary. The ground just moves further away and you have to stay up there until you're given the all clear to go. I was so lucky I was with a close friend. I did scream pretty loud as well.

After that was our last ever meal there - lunch. I had another sandwich; they're really nice!

Archery followed and, honestly, it was nice to end with something really easy and quiet.

Archery is something I'm actually pretty good at.
^ That's me getting ready to destroy everyone.
I hit the centre of the target 4 times.
The other 4 times I hit the red circle around the centre.
Don't mess with me, guys! I'm like a woman version of Robin Hood.

We got on the coaches at around 2pm and we got back to the stadium at 4.30pm-ish. My dad was already there to take me home and I think I was on the verge of dying from all of the muscle pains.

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