Saturday, 2 November 2013

NCS: Day One

As promised, here is my little diary of my days away at PGL Boreatton Park.

Day One
The day started off a lot earlier than I would normally wake up during the half term. The whole group met up at the StadiumMK around 10am (early! So early!) and we got split into five groups - these were going to be the project groups we would be in for the whole programme. I was with most of the people from my school as well as others. We got on the coaches at around 11am and then headed off to Shropshire. The journey itself was about 2-3 hours long.

When we got there, we met the PGL staff that was with us for the 4 days we were there. They were really cool and they were more like our friends than our instructors. Whenever we called them "Miss" or "Sir" they told us not to do that and call them by their name instead. We then got settled the cabins and moved around if we wanted to. I ended up in a cabin with five other people that I'm really close too. There were three bunks in each room and I got the top one by the wall.
I'm sorry for the blurry photo.
Our first little activity was dodge-ball. It was just to kill time because we arrived early. Dinner was after that at around 5.30pm. The food there was so nice!

After that we did some more little activities - the photography challenge and song writing. The photography challenge was fun; we had to take pictures and videos of various things. I was in the photo for the silliest hat - I put a yellow wet floor cone on my head - and I was also in a photo where we had to write "NCS" using our group - I was the bottom of the "C." During song writing, we had to write a chant that represented our team. We decided to keep it simple and we did a chant that was a call and response. Our little twist was that we repeated it in different languages since we were quite a linguistic bunch.

Then, at around 11pm, it was time to sleep! I slept in my new pyjamas and onesie.

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