Sunday, 3 November 2013

NCS: Day Three

I woke up late and, as a result, I went to breakfast in my pyjamas... I got out of the onesie and changed out of my pyjama shorts into some jogging bottoms but I had to put a hoodie on since I didn't have time to change completely.

I had breakfast then I went back to out cabin to change into more suitable clothes. Our first activity was Jacob's Ladder. If you don't know what that is then I suggest you look it up - I couldn't take my phone with me to take pictures. I went up the ladder with two of the guys on our team. We all got to the top the fastest out of everyone. We had a good system going and, since I was the shortest, I got lifted up by them to the higher steps.

Then it was lunch. I forgot what I had...

After lunch we did raft building. Everyone took part in this. Each team had to build a raft that could float and carry most of the team members. Our raft could carry eight people (there's fifteen people per team) and it didn't fall apart like one of the other ones. We did, however, fall in every now and then. I didn't but I was so close to doing so. We had raft battles with the other teams and we all came back soaking wet.

After a nice shower, I went back to the cabin and collapsed on my bed. I stayed there until dinner.

We were supposed to have a bonfire after eating but it rained. British weather...

Anyway, we stayed indoors and played Dragons' Den (BBC Show) where our challenge was to turn the park into something else that would better the community. We decided to make it into a family holiday centre like Center Parcs. We should have won!

After chilling out for a bit, I decided to shower and sleep. I was alone in the cabin for about an hour until my cabin buddies returned; they got caught playing hide and seek at 11pm.

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