Saturday, 2 November 2013

NCS: Day Two

I woke up at around 7.15am and I was quite tired and annoyed. I don't usually wake up until 12pm during term breaks...

Anyway, I wasn't the most difficult to wake up; the person sleeping below me was. We literally dragged her out of bed and she still slept on the floor.

Breakfast was at 7.45am (this was the same everyday) so we had to be up and ready to eat by 7.30 since they had to make sure that we were all there. Breakfast consisted of your basics - toast, cereal, yoghurt - and a main meal which was either a full English breakfast (bacon, eggs, sausages and beans) or porridge. The porridge did not look safe and, according to the people who ate it, it tasted terrible. It's a good thing I didn't try any!

Our first activity after that was canoeing so I had to change into my swimsuit and then I wore clothes on top of it because it was freezing cold. We got to canoe down the river on the outside of the park so I got tired just walking there. Whilst we were actually in the river our boat didn't capsize at all. I'm pretty proud of that considering that I thought we would be the first ones to do so. But, some other people weren't as lucky and one particular canoe turned over about four or five times. We also played fruit salad by joining the canoes side by side (we held on to them) and then moving around between them. It wasn't scary at all but it was pretty intense. No one wanted to fall in.

After that was lunch - I had a sandwich, salad and juice. Then we went on the zip-wire. The park had about 4 and I think we went on the longest on. It run across the top of the slope of a hill we were on and the river at the bottom.

I absolutely hate my teeth
Also, I didn't bother with make up at all so I had my natural face for the whole trip
This isn't me

After the zip-wire, we did some puzzle solving around the woods which was more fun than it sounds, I swear.

By dinner, the pain of the canoeing started on my arms and legs.

That night was also a fun one for us. We got to mess around a lot more compared to the night before. We did group skipping, crab football, walking football, and drama class where we had to have an argument using numbers only.


- ONE!
- TWO!
- three...
- Six
- Seven

When that was all over and done with, we had the chance to choose if we wanted to watch a football match, a movie or go do homework. My friends and I went to do some homework. Nerdy, yes, but necessary.

<3 Statistics homework
I just had a shower and slept after all of that. I swapped onesies with one my cabin friends that night as well.

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