Friday, 22 November 2013

Reasons Why I Shouldn't Be 17 Yet

It's my birthday on Monday!

I do not feel like a 17 year old at all. Seriously, I think I should be permanently 12 sometimes.

Emotionally, I feel like I should be 17. I'm in a mature and real relationship; the days of teenage love and breaking up after 5 days is behind me. I've been with the same guy for over 18 months now, so I can honestly say that I love him and I know what love is. I can also deal with things in a sensitive way and I go out of my way to make sure everyone around me is happy and feels understood.

However, in other aspects of my life, I have not aged a day over 12...

  1. My sense of humour - I still laugh at stupid and corny jokes. I will die of laughter at any joke you tell me. If you read my tweets to my friend, Bradley, you'll know how much I love them. He's challenged me to give him a science joke everyday and I do it! My favourite joke?
      1. How do chocolate bars laugh? They snicker! *literally rolls on the floor laughing*
  2. My comebacks and insults - I still call people "meanies" and when I have nothing to say, I just hit them. Occasionally, I make a pretty good comeback to what someone says - I can be pretty rude and vulgar as well but I'm 16, how can I not do that?
  3. The way I speak - I speak like a 7 year old. People find it adorable. It's like my voice just stopped developing and maturing whilst the rest of me still kept on going. I can put on a more mature and clear voice when I have to, like in interviews and when talking with teachers, but normally I am inaudible and baby-ish.
  4. I am incredibly short - I don't like to admit it but I am. Standing tall at 5'5", I get made fun of everyday.
I'm a year away from being 18. That's scary. It means I have to do adult things and be responsible. I can't rely on other people as much and everything I do will be because of me, not other people. You can't point and blame anymore. You have to accept that you've done wrong when you've done wrong and be prepared for the consequences. 

People joke and say that I would be a good parent but I can't even look after myself!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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  1. Happy Birthday! I absolutely love that joke! I now have a joke to tell everyone on Monday at school! I love corny jokes.

    Q:What did the baby corn say to the mama corn?
    A: Where's pop corn?

    xx :)


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