Saturday, 16 November 2013

Shopping Lists


This project is actually falling into place. We had a meeting today since everything just went hectic over the last few weeks.

We've decided to move our culture fair to the 30th November, giving us more time to get everything sorted. I've been given the job of finding the prices of everything we need and making sure that it doesn't go over £100. So far, we've "spent" £22 which is pretty amazing since that covers almost everything already. We also moved the location of our fair to our school because it's easier to get to and we know the place already so we can set everything up quickly the day before.

I spent a while comparing prices for each of the things we need on various websites. I'm quite tired now... Maths exhausts my brain.

Plan for tomorrow:
  • Read the book I got today.
  • Blog some more.
  • Design homework.
  • Maybe Statistics homework.
  • Maybe English revision.
  • Maybe Art coursework.
  • Maybe sleep early.
The maybes are there because I want to relax but I also want to get work over with already.

My first task for tonight is to get a new top. I got pasta sauce on the one I'm wearing now...

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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