Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Top Tips Tuesday #6

I know it's Wednesday but I got the days confused yesterday; I was convinced it was Monday when I got home. This morning, I was also slightly confused and went to my art class instead of my maths class...

Anyway, sorry for the late post but here is top tip #6:

If you're a guy and you're not the metro-sexual type of guy, stop reading. This isn't for you and will no way benefit you.

If you shave your legs and other areas and really hate to spend money of razors and shaving cream then this is one way to decrease the money spent - instead of buying shaving cream (or foam), buy some cheap hair conditioner. The results when you use conditioner is just as good if not better. 

I use Alberto Balsam hair conditioner, which is only £1 from Tesco, and even though it's the winter - the time when legs hide - it's nice to occasionally tidy your legs up.

I hope this was helpful. That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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  1. I didn't know that! I'm going to have to try that out! Fabulous tip! xx


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