Wednesday, 18 December 2013

10 Achievements Of The Year

It is officially one week until Christmas! I'm actually really excited. I love Christmas - I get to spend time with my family, open some presents and eat until there's absolutely no more room left in my body. I do regret it the day after; everyone does at some point during the week.

Anyway, since there's only a week left, I thought it'd appropriate to do this post. So, here are 10 achievements I have made during the year. They may not all be big achievements but they've made me the person I am today. Last year I was pretty different; I dressed differently, talked differently and had a slightly different personality. This year, I'm not a completely different person. I'm just a better version of myself.

  1. I went on my first residential since Year 6. We have them all the time at our school but I never go, mainly because we couldn't afford it but it was also because I wasn't brave enough all these years to go somewhere without my friends beside me. If they went on some of those trips, I probably would have too. This autumn, I went to the residential with my friends and I did meet some new people by being brave and introducing myself. It's not as scary as I always thought it was. Thanks to that, I don't mind talking to new people and I even do tours for visitors around the school if a teacher asks me to do so.
  2. I started this blog. This was the result of boredom during the summer half term and, I must say, I can't believe I stuck with it until now. I've managed to reach out and meet quite a few people because of this blog and I like knowing that I've made a mark on this world - even if it is incredibly tiny.
  3. I got over my fear of dogs (kind of). Most of my friends have one and this year, I've gone to their houses more than I have done in the previous years. This meant being in the same room as a canine for more than an hour. I run away from dogs - they genuinely frighten me - but now I don't mind as much. I even sit next to my boyfriend's dog and pet it whenever I'm there. During the summer, his mum had to make them go out to the back garden or into the kitchen and away from me. 
  4. I got really high grades in my GCSEs. They get harder every year and, being the lab rats of the government, I'd say I did extremely well. With our school year group, the grade boundaries all increased, making it even harder to pass each subject.
  5. This year marks my first full year with my boyfriend. We started dating back in March 2012 (woah...) so this is the first full year - January to December - we've been together.
  6. I managed to get my first job. It may be temporary but it shows I am employable. If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you'd know that I've been searching for a job since last summer. It has also made me e wonder if going to university is what I really want. Working is a lot more fun and active compared to school so I might apply for an apprenticeship instead.
  7. I found my style. I've gone from emo to girly girl to vintage to tracksuits. Now, I'm more aware of what suits me and what I feel comfortable in. I thank Textiles for this - I got introduced to Japanese Street Style and just fell in love with it. Paired with my love for hard metal (music), I found the clothes to suit me.
  8. I made and completed my own projects at home. It's about time I start a portfolio for university, in case I decide to go to one, and these are things that I can add onto it to make it stand out.
  9. I've settled with and found friends. They're hard to come by nowadays and I love every single one of them.
  10. I've gone up a bra size. I have been an A-cup up until last April. That is really small and, I know it shouldn't, but it did make me really insecure. It may only be one size up but it's one I'm a lot more comfortable with.
I know it's the 18th so I really should've done a post with 18 whatevers on it. However, I honestly don't know enough on any one subject to get 18 points from it. I really haven't thought this through. There's probably going to be something for some of the 20s though - those are easy to do - but for today, you only get 10.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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