Wednesday, 11 December 2013

10 People And Me

I don't have the biggest group of friends at school. We're a group that's in between and I seriously think that we're all that we need. Our group is really dynamic and mixed together and about 3 of my friends aren't always around during the day. But, I know that they're always within reach when I need them. Each of my friends have their own special trait and it makes life a little bit interesting for everyone. Our traits aren't always the best but we all acknowledge what we're like and we have a laugh all the same.

  1. The Welsh One
    1. a.k.a Sheepshagger. Yes, we have one of those and we love her for it. When she's crazy, she's CRAZY! There's never a dull moment when she's around. It will take a while to get past her humungous breasts (which are natural) but once you reach the person inside, she's someone that you'll never want to lose.
  2. The "Mature" One
    1. I'm pretty sure that, compared to the rest of us, this one is normal. She's pretty quiet but the words that come out of her mouth when she speaks can be slightly worrying sometimes. It took us a while but we finally got some insanity into her; to the rest of the world she might be normal and completely calm but, with us, she's really something quite different.
  3. The Gamer 
    1. All this one talks about is games - all day and everyday. There are moments when he doesn't but they don't really last long. Anyway, he's also hilarious and his luscious hair is to die for. He's promised me that he'll wear his hair in pigtails on the last day of sixth form and I can't wait!
  4. The Friend-zoned One
    1. His track record with relationships isn't the best and he's friend-zoned by all of us (the girls in the group). He's awesome, though, and extremely vulgar. But, I do trust him and we always have these heart to heart conversations that I love.
  5. The Posh One
    1. From a well-off background and the most polite family ever, this guy is extremely posh as a consequence. Collectively, us girls love him the most (but don't tell the other guys) and we tend to drag him around the school with us all of the time. I have pretty much all of my study periods with him and it's never boring.
  6. Mr Computer
    1. If you have any questions about computers, the internet or the economy, this is the man you want. He is like a human version of Google and his mind can and will astound you.
  7. The Tall One
    1. Being the incredibly short person that I am, I feel like a dwarf next to this guy. Standing at 6'4", I stand below shoulder height to him. But this does mean that when I get hugs I just get this amazingly warm embrace that surrounds my whole body. I love tall people!
  8. Miss Mumble
    1. It's pretty difficult, sometimes, to understand what she's saying since she mumbles quite a lot. Coupled with the strongest English accent ever, it's hard to understand what she's saying. But, she's amazing and we love her. We have the same skirt and we've worn it on the same day more than a couple times...
  9. The Floater
    1. Sometimes he's there; most of the time he's not. We don't really know where he goes but he's there when he wants to be. There's a day in the week where he has study periods before lunch and goes to McDonald's instead of working at school. He comes back with food, though, and he gives pretty good hugs.
  10. The Indescribable One
    1. a.k.a my boyfriend. I don't really know what he is - he's a gamer, a computer nerd, a joker, a jerk, extremely loving, honest and weird. I think I made him slightly crazy as well. He makes weird noises and is just there. You can talk to him about anything and he's always there to cheer anyone up in his own special way.
  11. The Monster
    1. Okay, so I only call myself "the monster" but everyone knows I love Monster energy drinks so I guess it counts. Everyone else calls me "Asian" or "The Asian One" and I love it. I'm not the only Asian one in the group and pretty much all of us are from other countries. I'm the shortest so I can get away with wearing high heels when I feel like it; when I do that, I'm still shorter than everyone... I also get carried away (literally) when I'm in someone's way or if my friends just feel like it. It's a strange feeling - I like being swept off my feet with compliments and nice gestures but I don't like being literally swept off my feet. It's scary.
So, those are my friends. I can't function without them and I feel lost when I'm not with them. I'm lucky to have lessons and study periods with at least one of them most of the time. When I don't, I have other friends to be with. I may not talk to them as much but I love them all the same. 

Are your friends all the same or are they different like mine? What do you bring in to the group dynamic? 

It's nice to know where you stand with your friends; you know where the lines you shouldn't cross are and how far you can go with each of them. What you say might make one laugh but offend another. You have to be careful but at the same time carefree. Your friends should make you feel safe not vulnerable; you should feel able to express yourself not hide yourself. 

We never really get to spend time together outside of school. I'd like to but, with differing interests, it's not easy. We do hang out when we get the time and it's hilarious when we do! I hope you love your friends like family because I know I do and always will.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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