Friday, 20 December 2013

20 Ways To Know It's Nearly Christmas

It's the end of term! Woohoo! No school until January 7th for me. It's five days from Christmas and the signs are all there so here are 20 ways I can tell it's nearly Christmas:
  1. The Coca Cola adverts are everywhere. There was even a Coca Cola truck at the shopping centre earlier. I was waiting for the bus near it so I don't actually know what was happening there.
  2. Most shops sell novelty items.
  3. They might even decorate their shop in red/green/gold/white/silver.
  4. Some shops have employees wearing red.
  5. Other shops have them wearing Santa hats.
  6. A few shops have them dressed as elves.
  7. The little present-wrapping stall is there at your shopping centre.
  8. Santa's grotto.
  9. A cinema boom. It happens every year but no one really takes notice. More movies are released during mid-November to the end of December as well as during the summer.
  10. Hot chocolate and coffee becomes the priority on your shopping list.
  11. Christmas jumpers everywhere.
  12. Fluffy socks everywhere.
  13. It's dark after 3pm.
  14. There's more shops/different shops at the shopping centre - every year, MenKind opens for a few months here and is then replaced by another shop after January. I love that shop so much. This year, they're selling "Ted" bears!
  15. You feel obligated to wear something knitted at all times.
  16. You feel obligated to spend time with people.
  17. There's a lot more chocolate in your house.
  18. Everyone wants it to snow!
  19. The radio plays nothing but "Last Christmas" every single time you turn it on.
  20. Michael Buble releases an album/song/song cover.
So, that was a quick little guide on how to tell it's nearly Christmas. The last point, by the way, is not an insult to Michael; I love his voice. It's soothing.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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