Friday, 20 December 2013

Blog Updates 20/12/13

I haven't done on of these in a while and I think it's time that I do.

I've reached 6,500 pageviews! It's been a long year. I started back in May getting 10 or 12 views every week. Now, I get that every day. Thanks for sticking by me all these months.

Top Tips Tuesday is also going pretty well. I think of something new to share every week and I try to be diverse. I'm on my 10th one already.

With my collab blog, I've been struggling. It's not because I run out of ideas but because I forget to write posts. I'll have something up for next week, though, I promise.

I've also been doing a countdown to Christmas on my blog my writing a post that relates to the number of the date. For example, on the 13th, I may have written something with 13 in it somewhere. I'm not actually completely sure what I've done.

Also, just because it's term break doesn't mean I'm free from work. I have tons of work to do for each of my subjects as well as actual work now that I have a job. I'll still try my best to post as frequently as I can.

Since this is the second post that I've written today, you might miss out on the one I wrote earlier so here it is:

I hope you've all had a good year. Merry Christmas.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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