Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Top Tips Tuesday #7

It's late, I know, but I didn't get home until 9pm because I was helping out with something at school. That's okay, though, because there's still one hour left of Tuesday so, technically, I'm not late.

Like I said yesterday, I'm going to be doing posts that relate to the number of the date. Today is the 3rd of December so here are 3 ways to make your day a little better:

Okay, so do you ever feel down in the dumps every now and then? I know I do. Frequently.

There's little things that I do every so often that does brighten my day up a little bit. I hope this helps you too!

  1. Put a handful of sweets or chocolate into your bag or pocket. During the day, when you feel a little low, you can grab a sweet and eat it (not in class, of course). Also, I usually forget I put them there so it's like a small surprise from me to me.
  2. Just ask someone if you can hold them (or don't - it's up to you). If you know what I'm like then you know that whenever I'm sad, I grab the closest person to me and just hug them. They usually get it. If they don't, they just pass me onto someone else. Hugs are really comforting. I'm weird, I know.
  3. Mantra - remind yourself every now and then that you're having one bad day. It's not like your life will be like that forever. If you don't have a mantra you can use my one - "It's only one day." I say that in my head and it does bring my mood up.
That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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