Wednesday, 29 January 2014

200th Post Already?!

I've written 200 of these... That's a lot!

Since this is my 200th post, I think it's only appropriate that I re-introduce myself. All the way back in May or June last year, I introduced myself to the world that is Blogger. My audience has grown quite a lot since then and I feel like you guys read and stalk my blog without actually knowing who is behind this stupid and random life on the internet.

So, here goes...
My name is Pauline and this is my blog. I used to keep diaries that I let no one touch but I thought it would be better to share my life with strangers around the world. I started this blog just before the summer of 2013 out of pure boredom; I literally had nothing else to do and then I found this. I never thought that I'd keep updating this up until now but I've made friends with people because of it and I like knowing that my voice is heard somehow. I have a lot to say.

I'm Filipino and stereotypical: I'm good at maths, short, usually hyper and I dress weird sometimes. People have mistaken me for Chinese more than once... 

I have a passion for fashion! It's a weird direction for me to take my life in considering half of my family are nurses and the other half are business people. I don't want to have a boring career when I'm done with school; I want to be creative and expressive. My parents have given up on trying to change my mind. 

So that's it, I guess. Everything a person needs to know about me. The info might seem basic - because it is - but I don't really know who I am sometimes. I can't really say that I'm definitely this one thing. For example, I can't say that I'm a happy person because 40% of the time I'm not.

Thanks for reading my blog, guys! I'll make sure the next 200 posts are just as stupid and pointless as the first 200 (except for the Tuesday posts - those actually help people). That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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