Thursday, 30 January 2014

My Skirt Phase

Last summer I had my little bag phase where I just drew and made nothing but bags. A few months ago I had a scarf phase where I spent my life knitting scarves for myself and my friends. I still do a bit of knitting sometimes... I'm thinking of making a spring scarf this half term.

For the last couple of weeks, though, my obsession has been skirts. Back when I had my design block and could not think of anything to do with an old leather jacket, I got an idea! I've been on Pinterest a lot lately - just looking at clothes, patterns and pretty pictures - so I thought I'd share some pictures that I really like. They're all from Pinterest and, since I'm planning on making a box-pleat skirt, all of the pictures are of box-pleat skirts.
BOX PLEAT SKIRT | Alice + Olivia
Natia Box Pleat Skirt

Box pleated skirt

Skirt: The Going Gets Puffed Peach Mini Skirt (box-pleated layers over tulle with an adorable bow) Lulu's $47. I don't know where the shirt and jewelry are from.

MSGM floral print princess skirt found on Polyvore

I've always been a shorts-and-tights girl but I seriously think my wardrobe needs some more girly clothes in there. Skirts are pretty basic and easy to make (after all of the measuring and pattern-making is done) so I can probably make them in the space of two weeks.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x


  1. I love the last floral print one. It's adorable! Do you make all of your clothes? xx

    1. No, I've only made a few things like pyjama bottoms and shorts. They're really easy to make and I don't have templates for things like tops and dresses, which are more complicated, but I'm saving up for some. Hopefully I can get at least one set of templates by the end of the school year xox


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