Saturday, 4 January 2014

Plan For The Week

Okay, so I have ideas but no time right now to actually do any of the ideas that I have. I've managed to pick up another shift at work tomorrow afternoon so I can't put a post up then. My ideas are also smaller and they won't be as long as the recent posts that I've written.

Monday: I might do normal blog post on Monday since I have no school or work until the next day.

Tuesday: Outfit Of The Day! Tuesday is the first day of school in 2014 and I have an outfit in mind. I just hope they are actually washed and in my wardrobe. I know I haven't done Top Tips Tuesday in a while but there's just some other things that I want to do first.

Wednesday: I haven't done a blog tag in a while so I thought I'd scour the internet and find one. This one isn't confirmed yet.

Thursday: No post. I stay after school on Thursdays to work on my art coursework and I don't get home until 6pm on a good day.

Fashion Friday: A Miscellaneous Review. I got a bunch of new stuff over the last few weeks so I might as well tell people what I think of them. This post will be up on my collab blog with Amazing Alex. Two of the things I really want to review are my new hair straighteners and my new liquid foundation.

This is my plan for the week. Hopefully, it'll go well and I'll stick to it. That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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