Friday, 24 January 2014

Ripped Tights and Tired Legs

The title isn't meant to be taken in a sexual way. If you did assume otherwise, you're a terrible person.

...It's been a while... I haven't posted since Tuesday...

I've been really busy lately and I had to put blogging to one side for the last few days. Yesterday, I was on a trip to Oxford with some other people in my Year (or grade) at school. We spent the whole day walking from one college in Oxford to another. We were given tours by previous students from our own secondary school - they were all pretty happy there; the stress and lack of sleep was pretty evident on their faces though. It was nice to see that people from our school were able to get into Oxford and Cambridge university; the fact that there were so many of them was also quite nice to see. I always thought that only 1 or 3 people would end up at unis like those from any school because it's such a prestigious place.

We had lunch and a talk at the last college we went to - Wadham College - as well as a tour around the place. I honestly don't understand how people manage to find their way around. There's too many paths and the buildings are scattered everywhere.

By the end of the trip I was just glad my butt was on a seat again and my legs could rest.

Wadham College entrance
Today, I had to get so much work done. I didn't do all of it, though, and it does irritate me.

I spend the first period at school walking around some more. I had to go to my stats teacher to get some assistance since I don't understand most of the subject at all. After that I went to my art class and finished a small painting I was working on; it took me about 5 minutes. I headed to the library after and planned to do some English work that I missed out on yesterday (I'm the queen of the nerds, okay?) and found that I forgot the books I needed. 

From this point, my day just went downhill. Within 15 minutes of being in the library I got up and got some prospectuses for universities since I had nothing else to do. When I sat down, my leg scraped across a metal point that was poking out from the back of the chair next to me. It hurt! It made a mark on my leg but, luckily, it didn't cut me. It did make a hole in my NEW, EXPENSIVE, SHINY, COMFORTABLE, WARM pair of tights... I hated life at that moment. It laddered pretty quickly as well so I had no choice but to tell the librarians and get my tights fixed in my second home: the textiles classroom. I wasn't going to walk around school with a hole in my tights and I wasn't going to take them off. It was cold and I didn't shave my legs... It's winter. I don't need to.

The librarians have offered to pay for a new pair. I just need to provide them with a receipt after I buy them. I am still a bit irritated. It was the first time I wore them. I guess I did do everyone else a favour; that point could've caused an actual injury if my leg didn't find it. It was really sharp.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x


  1. You should have bossed the cute librarian to change them for you, they always have an extra pair in their locker. She could have brought you to the locker room then you lock the door and make her serve you..

    1. Haha, the librarians are all 50-60 year old women and that's not my type or girl. I appreciate the suggestion, though. >.< xx


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