Saturday, 18 January 2014

Skype With Idiots

It's Saturday! To see the Fashion Friday post for yesterday, click here.

I found out two things today:

  1. My friends are all idiots.
  2. I have a terrible internet connection
I spent the whole day today with my friends over Skype. It started as a call to one of my friends to work on our English homework that's due in on Monday and it ended up with half our crazy gang talking and bickering in a group chat.

I was left alone; my parents went to the shopping centre and my brother went to a friend's house. I tidied the house a bit before retreating upstairs with a big box of Crunchy Nut cereal, a bottle of milk and a bowl. Over Skype, I was eating whilst working. I don't really care about what my friends think of me nowadays - most people know I'm weird.

It was pretty insane altogether. That's pretty much all that happened today. I'm still on Skype now...


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