Friday, 28 February 2014

Favourite Moments of February 2014

It's the end of the month of love! A pretty short yet eventful month (for me, anyway). Here are my favourite moments of February:
  • Starting and finishing my little skirt project! I really want to go back to John Lewis to get the purple woolen fabric and make another one...
  • Finishing my art coursework. I am so proud of those books.
  • Being able to sit back for a whole weekend and do absolutely nothing.
  • Watching the Winter Olympics' Figure Skating and Ice Dance during the nights.
  • Seeing the LEGO Movie. It was awesome!
  • Buying a load of make-up at Boots. It was a brilliant moment until I realised the price of it all.
I seriously can't believe we're a day away from March. The days go by so fast. Every day is another day closer to my Art Exam... It's the first exam I have and it's at the end of March. I've done barely anything for it. I'm screwed.

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