Monday, 17 February 2014

I Finished That Skirt Project

I am really sorry for delaying this. I finished writing this a few days ago and I never had the chance to post it because my phone and my laptop refused to work together; the pictures on my phone wouldn't upload as a result. I can't be bothered to update the writing so assume you saw this last Thursday or something. Okay? Yes? Yes.

That was fast... I've finished already. I've added the waistband - it wasn't easy. Straight lines are not my thing and I did screw it up badly on the first try. That led me to 30 minutes of doin nothing but cutting off the seam and restarting. I took it slow, stopping the sewing machine every few seconds to check what I was doing was correct.

After that, I added button holes for the smaller buttons that fasten the waistband shut.


I am seriously thinking of making more of these. I also have a scarf to finish...

I made the skirt with a fitted waistband so I can't adjust it and, funnily enough, I've lost weight since I started making it. It's a bit loose now but I can put a belt on it. There are some changes that I would make - the main one being that I'd make the waistband wider. I'd probably make the pleats bigger too. It looks really nice and I have quite a few tops that this can go with. If it survives the washing machine, it will get a place in my wardrobe.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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