Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Make Up, Marbles and a Mattress

That pretty much sums up the last few days...

I don't know how much nail paint I've wasted but I've finally got water marbling down (yes!) and my nails look awesome. I would take another picture of my nails but the light in my room is terrible and my hand looks awkward when I take a picture. I'll get a decent one in the next day or two, I promise.

So, on Monday and over the last few days of the half term, I was pretty stressed and tired. I had to do something about it. What did I do? I went to Boots and spent a good amount of money on make-up. I bought more than I needed but I regret nothing. It has made me wear more make-up to school, though, but it's not that bad. I don't mind spending an extra five or ten minutes when I'm getting ready for school. Most of the make-up I bought was from Rimmel London; I am loving this brand more and more. I've also started wearing lipstick... I don't really like wearing it because it's heavy on my lips (and my lips are ridiculously thick) but I have these two shades that I absolutely adore.

I have a new mattress too! It's so bouncy. I've had my previous mattress for a whole decade and a bit so it was time for a new one. It's also taller than my old one so when I sit on the edge I can't touch the floor with my feet anymore. It's really sad. I'm really short. I've slowly grown accustomed to it. I usually sit on my bed and expect to sink into my mattress. Now I bounce. It's pretty fun and it hasn't gotten old yet.

One thing I decided I needed to do over the half term was change. Not drastically but a little change was needed. I was getting more and more depressed each day so I consider these new things I have as representations of a new start for me. I'm starting each day with a smile (kind of) and I'm making more of an effort to look good and feel good about myself. I'm definitely doing more work in my free time at school but I haven't ditched my friends; we still have our laughs and moments of pure insanity. So far, I've been great and I feel more awake even though I only sleep for about 5 hours a night. Hopefully, this continues. I'd love it to.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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