Saturday, 22 February 2014

Nail Art: Marbling

I found out about this technique a few years ago but I never had the time or correct nail polish to actually try this.

For those who don't know, marbling is this really cool way of getting different colours to your nails. You put nail polish into water and mess about with the pattern to create awesome nail art. I tried it about an hour ago with some black and red nail polish; it's not as easy as it looks. This is literally my first attempt:

The colours were too faded but I got the whole pattern thing down. I just need to make sure I get the balance of colours correct and I should be able to create something a lot better. I wasn't too upset with the pattern on my thumb but the rest of my nails were a disaster.

When you compare my attempt to the others I found on Pinterest then you'll see how amateur my attempt was.

Water marble nail art

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water marble nails

Water Marble Nail Art

I felt really sad and irritated at myself when I saw my own nails compared to these. I am going to practise and get this right!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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