Tuesday, 4 February 2014

That Skirt Project - Part 1

I made a start!

Since I'm kind of lazy (and cheap) I decided to reuse some of my pattern paper from my bag project. They're already rectangular so I just folded them to the correct sizes. I bought some denim from John Lewis - their textiles department is huge! I saw some purple tartan fabric there as well which could come in useful... I'll probably end up making another skirt.

Anyway, the leather I have here has to be dry-cleaned so I can't use it for this. I do, however, have enough denim to make a skirt without the leather so that's what I'm going to do.

I've cut out the waist band and main skirt already. I've also decided to use buttons to fasten the skirt shut. I bought 8 buttons; they were 40p each. I have an idea for them but it's not definite yet. I bought 1.5m of checkered ribbon as well to add onto the skirt.

I know what I'm doing!

Waistband and the main skirt fabric is already cut to size.
Next step - put pleats into the skirt.

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