Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Top Tips To Trendy Tuesday?

I haven't done one of these in a while. Woah...

Okay, I really can't be bothered to think of new things to tell you people. Whatever advice you need is already on the internet somewhere and there's no point in me repeating what someone else has said. What I am really into right now is Pinterest. I follow a lot of fashion boards so what I thought of was this: Trendy Tuesday! It saves me from having to write and think of something every week. It's pretty difficult now that my advice bucket is empty.

Every Tuesday, I'll post a picture (or five) that I really like from Pinterest. We'll start now.

Tallow Pineapple Mini Skirt
Tallow Pineapple Miniskirt
Urban Outfitters

This skirt really caught my eye and gave me this idea. I like how it drapes and it also looks really easy to make! I'm still not 100% comfortable with making a box-pleat skirt so I want to get that sorted out first.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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