Thursday, 13 March 2014

A Dead Phone And A Muddy Back

So last night my phone went into a coma; the battery died. Tragic, right? I have two phone chargers for my phone since one doesn't always agree with me. Last night, both of them broke, The wires snapped clean off one of them - I don't know how but it did - and the wire on the other one split open - again, I don't know how. Technology hates me. Whilst it was in the charger, it didn't charge anyway. The battery stayed 35% full with both chargers. By the morning, it was comatose.

When I got to school, I found out that there's about 5 messages on that phone waiting for me. Right now, there's probably about 10. I'm not a popular person. I'm just really paranoid right now since I've applied to quite a few jobs and I don't want to miss any call just in case I was lucky enough to get one. But, then again, they'd call the land-line if I didn't answer, right?

Being phoneless meant that I couldn't shut off from the world whilst I was on the bus going to school and on the bus going home. I had to read my book (I'm on a Storm of Swords Part 2 by the way) with noise around me.

Anyway, during school I was fine. My friends and I had an absolute laugh during lunch and, since the weather was nice and warm, we sat outside for a little bit after we all ate. In our school, we have benches built into these walls that block off a bit of higher ground where trees and grass grow on the other side (right now it's all mud). The height of this is about half a foot lower than the height of wall itself. I was sitting on the actual wall since there was no space on the bench and I'm pretty sure most of you can guess what happened... I was pushed into the mud. I was laughing so hard I couldn't get up without some assistance; no one helped me. My friends don't care. It was also the same time that the bell went so I'm guessing quite a few people saw me laughing spasmodically as I tried to lift myself up. I got out eventually. My mud was covered in mud and dirt so when I got home I changed as quickly as I could - I felt very dirty.

Right now, I'm actually quite sleepy... I made myself a cup of coffee but it wasn't very strong and I'm guessing I can stay awake for another 3 hours or so. It's better than earlier; I was on the brink of collapsing back then. I'm kind of fine now.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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