Saturday, 15 March 2014

A New Season

It's sort of Spring now so I've decided to put all winter related projects on hold. I have been so busy with school work and meeting deadlines that I haven't had the time to make anything or finish anything that I started months ago. I've also been neglecting my sewing machine which is really bad. Basically, I've put everything on hold for now that's not a priority.

We're going into a new season; we're slowly but surely getting more sunny days. I've decided to start new projects that'll possibly lead into summer. One thing I really want to make is a gathered chiffon maxi skirt. I think they're really pretty so I thought I would make myself one when I get more money... I'm also planning on buying one just so I have one. With everything that's going to happen during the next few weeks like exams, I don't know if I'll have the time to do anything. I'm also planning on starting a portfolio for university soon so that's going to take up my time as well. I want it to be perfect and it's always ideal to start early.

With Spring comes new life and new beginnings. For me, it's just going to bring different stresses - coursework is now out of the way but now I have exams to think about. It's also warmer so, fashion-wise, I'm going to need new outfits. My stuff from last year don't fit me anymore and they're also out of style now. The things that I still feel comfortable in are very limited.

That's pretty much it for now. I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine!

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