Monday, 10 March 2014

Almost There!

Woah... I set a target of 7,500 views by the end of this week and I am about 20 views away. Thank you! I really didn't expect the numbers to jump that high and it was really weird and shocking when I logged on but I do appreciate it.

Anyway, I have been stuck for ideas for my art exam for a while now but my friends and my dad (kind of) have helped me out and I have my ideas and creativeness flowing again. Since I got home today I have been glued to my laptop just looking for ideas and getting a bit distracted by things like Facebook and YouTube as well. A normal thing for me, I guess. I still get my work done, though.

Tomorrow I should be able to publish a Trendy Tuesday post but I'm doing stuff after school so I might not have the time. I'm a busy little Asian and school work is slowly flooding my life to the point where I only have a few seconds every now and then to breathe then get back into it all. I'll be fine. I actuall can't wait for my Art exam so I can get this over and done with.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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