Thursday, 6 March 2014

Blog Updates 06/03/14

I haven't done this in over a month so this feels necessary. It's March; we're 3 months into the year already and the world is on the brink of destruction. I have been keeping up with things in the news but this place on the internet is not the place to discuss it. So, let's just get on with the updates.

  • At the end of January, I hit 7,000 views. Now, I'm nearing 7,500! I really want to hit that number by the end of next week so please keep coming back and sharing and doing all the wonderful things you people do for me on Google+. It's really not a popular choice with people for social media but it does mean a lot when people stumble upon and decide to follow my pages.
  • I keep forgetting to upload things onto Fashion Fridays. Alex is drowning in work (according to her Facebook statuses) and so am I. I make time for this blog because I don't really concentrate my posts on anything in particular but the other blog is so fashion focused it's hard to keep up. It does mean that I won't be posting again tomorrow so don't expect anything then. This does lead me nicely to my next point, though.
  • I've changed Top Tips Tuesday. In my last update, I said that I'd make that a permanent thing because I felt like it was doing pretty well. Then, about 2 weeks ago, my advice bucket ran dry and there's no point in posting advice that can already be found in one million other places across the internet. I changed Top Tips into Trendy Tuesdays. I'm more comfortable with this and I think it'll work well. I spend a lot of time of Pinterest so I thought I'd do something with it for my blog. It's also like a substitute for Fashion Fridays. If I really can't find the time for it then I'm either going to back out from it or just repost my Trendy Tuesday stuff onto Fashion Fridays. It'll work. The title basically means the same thing, right? Alliteration is important. That's the only reason why they're different.
3 updates. They're pretty big updates compared to previous ones but I felt they were necessary. 

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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