Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Day In The Life Of The Monster: Burning Buses And Forehead Ash

It was pretty sunny today. That was nice.

This morning, I had enough time to wear make-up and catch the bus! The morning was so calm and peaceful. I've spent the last week listening to one song: Who You Are by Jessie J. I love this song so much. Anyway, I was on the bus half asleep, slumped on the seat when I and a bunch of others on the bus started seeing smoke come out from the seats and back of the bus. It didn't take long until the back was clouded by smoke which set off the alarm so the bus driver had no choice but to stop the bus. It wasn't a terrible place to be since it was about a 3 minute walk away from school. The bus has been having so many issues lately; it broke down on Monday and was pretty slow yesterday going to school. I think it's time is up.

Since I go to a Catholic school, we had mass for Ash Wednesday. I'm not religious at all so I'm always really bored at these things. Some of my friends were helping with the ash - putting ash on everyone's foreheads - so it was hard not to laugh when we came face to face and has to be all serene and serious. Some people came out of the mass with massive crosses all across their foreheads.

The rest of the day was pretty calm as well. The weather was luscious and after mass I had a study period then Art so I didn't do any work until after lunch. One of my friends went to the shops near the school and came back with a can of Monster for me!!

 I had Stats to end the day and I walked in the sunshine to the bus stop. If the weather stays like this then I'm going to happy for the rest of this week at least.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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