Sunday, 2 March 2014

I Want To Drive Already

I've been 17 for a few months now and I really want to get in a car and have some freedom and have the ability to go where I want without taking the bus all the time. I can pretty much get anywhere on a bus since I know 70% of the bus routes around here but I'd rather be in a car. By myself. What's the point of taking an hour long journey on a bus to get to the shopping centre or school when I can do it in 10 minutes in a car?

My parents bought me a driving lesson in a closed circuit for my 17th birthday. You don't need to be 17 or have a license to drive at this place so I don't really want to be the eldest one in that group (most of them will be around 13/14) and have my family staring at me whilst I'm driving around. I don't need that in my life. If I have a lesson, it'll be just my instructor and I in a car with no 13 year olds in the back seat waiting for their turn. I've putting this lesson off for as long as I can. I'll probably never have it but you never know.

I have money to pay for a provisional licence and a few driving lessons. I've also been looking for another job and have been since I finished working as a Christmas temp back in January so I can pay for more. I need a car by the time I start university. The places I want to go to are either big campus universities or city universities where you need a car to get from your dorm to studios to lectures. It'll also make it easier during term breaks to go home again.

I don't like being dependent on other people so much. I'm grateful for the driving lesson my parents got me but I don't like the situation I have to be in in order to have it. I don't want them paying for my future lessons either. They don't want me to be on the roads until I'm 20 anyway but protective parents are like that. I appreciate their concern but I've got to get myself some freedom from somewhere.

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