Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Collars

Collared dresses and blouses took over the fashion world last year. People stopped refusing to close the top button on their shirts (a pretty rebellious thing to do at school) and saw the neat and tidy look that it gave you instead. I have loads of tops and dresses with collars now. They're so popular that you can get collar necklaces to wear on top of a plain shirt. They're no longer associated with looking professional and, frankly, boring. Studs, alternate colours and embroidery have helped to become a big fashion statement.

I love them and I like the fact that flaunting your boobs is now frowned upon and covering up is the way to go. It certainly helps females like myself who aren't so gifted in the chest area...

Here are my favourite pictures from Pinterest this week:

Button Back Studded Collar Blouse

Studded Collar Blouse

Beaded Collar Blouse

Pop Collar Blouse

Great victory rolls!

A majority of collared blouses are made of chiffon. They're nice. I have a few. The biggest problem with them is that they're see-through which is really annoying sometimes. There are some made with thicker fabrics as well which are ideal for the colder days. 

I don't know how long this trend will last. Collars have made it into haute couture as well as the red carpet so I doubt we'll see the end anytime soon.

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