Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Lace and Crochet

Okay, there's still two hours left of Tuesday and I'm not tired. Let's do this:

More and more tops and dresses nowadays have some sort of sheer intricate pattern on them. They're beautiful and I love the elegance that they add to things like t-shirts. I love those kinds of dresses because they're sexy without having to be revealing.

The patterns created by the lace and netting also makes dresses look like a piece of art and encourages everyone to up their game when it comes to putting an outfit together.

#Paris Fashion Week Zuhair Murad Fall/Winter 2014 RTW

This dress is absolutely divine and I look how it looks elegant yet rebellious at the same time. Paris Fashion week was filled with dresses similar to this (and included this one too) so if you haven't seen the collections, I suggest you do.

Love this navy lace dress! I saw dresses like this for the bridesmaids for a wedding. They were so adorable! But they were to the knee.  Would be better...

Contrast Panel Lace Dress <3 #lbd

Gorgeous detailing. Love vintage teamed up with denim.

I am a big fan of lace and I have a purple lace top somewhere in the house; I've never worn it for this exact reason. I'll find it eventually. I also have loads of lace tights. They are gorgeous! 

I wore a lace shrug over my dress for prom last year and I felt that it pulled my whole outfit together. It wasn't difficult to do since I was dressed all in black.

The intricate details in lace and crochet pieces are endless and so magnificent. Most people would probably overlook those patterns but knowing that someone made the time and effort to create a piece of clothing for you that accentuates art is something worth treasuring.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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