Thursday, 3 April 2014

Cloudy Skies

So the news has made it pretty clear that everyone in the south of England and Wales are going to encounter, or are already encountering, smog from the Sahara desert. I don't how much I should react to this since I don't have lung problems or anything like that so I see it a pretty harmless. I'm also an indoors person when it's not August so I'm fine.

Outside, it's pretty grey and it smells a bit weird. I see how that can be worrying but I'm so used to freakish weather changes here in the UK that I can easily overlook it.

My own mind is a bit doom and gloom at the moment as well. Instead of a brain inside my head, I have a grey cloud. Exams are in a few weeks! I know I have to do them and I can't avoid them. I've done so much revision that even just looking at my schoolbag or desk makes me cry. I've done 3 straight hours of work today: one hour or art work and two on maths. I don't really fear the exams. I fear the revision more... My attention span is not that amazing and I can easily find myself on YouTube or Facebook without realizing it.

My first exam is on the first day back after half term which isn't great. I have revision sessions to go to during the half term as well as independent revision to do. I have made sure I have days off but I know I'm going to come back to school in two weeks with nothing but the thought of sleep in my head.

To top it all off, we went to McDonald's for lunch earlier. The Monopoly thing is happening again and I like participating in that. Between us, we had about 15 of those stickers with the online codes on them. I enterred them all onto the McDonald's website and got nothing. NOTHING. I would have been fine after enterring the 8th code to win as little as £10. I didn't care about how amazing the things you could possibly get were. I just wanted something, anything. Luck wasn't on my side. Hopefully it is during my exams...

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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