Sunday, 6 April 2014


Most of you know I'm addicted to Pinterest. It's like my Tumblr but without the weird and slightly insane people. My friends all have Tumblr so I'm speaking from experience here.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share some of the random pictures that I've seen recently. I'm really terrible when it comes to photography so I always get uber jealous when I see the pictures on there.

Pinterest, if you don't know, is like an artist's online paradise. There's so much art and creativity in everything. Also, there's a butt load of catwalk photos on there that I love and it keeps me up to date on trends and things like that as well. It's a pretty good source for inspiration and ideas and I always look to it for guidance. When I'm sitting alone and bored, it's also nice just to scroll through the pages and search up something random like "spoon" and have the search come back with amazing spoon art. I didn't even know that existed. I mean look at this!

Dishfunctional Designs: The Bohemian Kitchen

Gift Guide: For the Cereal Lover | Serious Eats. #holidaygifts

I really want the "Cereal Killer" spoon. I'm not kidding. It looks awesome and I think it will make me happier in the mornings.

Here's some more pictures that I like:

vinailartdesign #nail #nails #nailart

kimiko7878 #nail #nails #nailart

Omg Love this!!!!!  Purple highlights

Nicolas Jebran Haute Couture @}-,-;--

Best Haute Couture ever High Fashion Haute Couture glamour featured

If you love food and cooking, it's also an ideal place to get recipes and to share your own. The pictures of food make me so hungy. I like looking at desserts quite a lot. I haven't made any of them but I really want to try! If you guys find one on Pinterest and decide to make it, let me know how good it is!

Fruity Brownie Dessert Pizza. I usually do sugar cookie but this sounds good too!
It's a dessert pizza!
One of the easiest desserts you will ever make: Apple Pie Cupcakes! They are to die for!
Om Nom Nom
If you don't have a Pinterest account then get one! If you do then tell me. I'd like to see what you pin and it'll be nice to share these things with someone. Maybe I follow you and you don't even know it! If you want to see my profile then click here. I don't have a lot of boards but they are very colourful.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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