Sunday, 27 April 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Bohemian

I actually like Bohemian styles because it's really free-spirited and alternative. Bohemian style is when someone dresses and lives in an alternative and artistic way. It developed from hippie and gypsy styles. To dress like a boho-chic is easy but to actually pull it off is something else. It doesn't suit everyone and you have to be committed to the whole lifestyle, not just the look.

You'd usually see boho-chics with wavy hair and floral headbands, wearing natural colours. You can see the hippie style coming through from them. I think it's a really beautiful, almost fairytale-like look.

Bohemien rock!

Gold Leaf Headpiece, Chain Headband, Turquoise Boho Bead, Bohemian Chain Headband, Headpiece with Turquoise Bead and Gold Accent (HB-190) on Etsy, $28.00

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I really like the lack of form in their clothing since it defines freedom in my eyes.

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