Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Wishlist Wednesday

Whoops... I was out all day yesterday so I had no time to do a Trendy Tuesday post. I was out after an hour of being awake up until ridiculous o'clock. I just went to bed once I was alone. It was about 2-3am at that point. Sorry, guys!

To make up for missing out yesterday, I thought I'd make another wish list. I made one already that compiled of shoes that I wanted. They were quite expensive shoes and I still haven't bought the ones I said I would. I will eventually, though, so I might do a review of those once I get my hands on them.

So, this wish list is going to be slightly different. All houses have rules and there are certain ones that our house has that I am most likely going to break as soon as I get out of here and live on my own. That's not all this list has, though. There's still clothes (duh!) and other things that you guys know that I love but don't have.

Google Image Result for
Vivienne Westwood Dress - Anglomania

I'd prefer a different colour hem though, purple isn't my thing but GORGEOUS blazer.
Vivienne Westwood Navy Jacket - Red Label

So Vivienne Westwood is my all-time favourite designer. I love her clothes and I really want to own something, anything, from the Anglomania collections. I definitely want the red dress, however, because it's such a nice shape and I like it's silhouette. I'm pretty self-concious when it comes to anything below my chest, particularly my hips and thighs, and this dress would go nice with my body.

All of the punk and plaid outfits are from previous collections but that doesn't mean I don't think the new ones aren't as good. They are. I just prefer the darker clothes because they're more my style. 

Ooo dark purple hair. This is gorgeous without being too dramatic

One rule that my parents have is that I am not allowed to dye my hair. It doesn't matter if it's a natural colour or not. What I'm currently doing right now is growing it. My hair isn't that long (shoulder length) so it should be the length I want it to be by the time I'm in university.

I'm not going to go straight in and dye my whole head dark purple. I'm still on the fence about doing it in the first place but I think it would look nice. I'd probably start with semi-permanent purple and dip-dye my hair. I'll do my whole head once I get the confidence to. I like the colour because it's not bright. My goal is not to stand out and be different. It's just something that I want to try at least.

ASOS Skeleton Jumper £38.00
ASOS Skeleton Jumper

Last one! I have a lot of things with skulls on them, including a jumper. I want this one too. There really isn't a lot to say about it other than it looks awesome.

This wasn't a long list, I know, but I felt obliged to do it since I missed out on yesterday (sorry again) but I can't really make promises for next week either...

I also haven't put my face on here in a long time so here's a selfie just because I can:

Note: I am not this pale

My phone's camera isn't amazing. It still does the job. That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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